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S.S.P Bodyguards Upscale


All benefits that your security needs With request for exemption from the Ministry of the Interior We can work armed. Armored vehicles , Jackets and bags bulletproof

Move ... with confidence! For your business or private trips, our protection service offers drivers trained in safety driving fast and anti-attack to enable the client to evacuate any dangerous situation. Also close protection officers, they are able to ensure, where appropriate, for your safety while traveling in France or Europe. Privacy Our agents provide a capital rich and varied experiences , offer support enjoyed organizing your events.

It can also provide transfers airport / home / place of events.



Organize, manage and secure your movements with precision and discretion, studying routes and developing alternative plans. A suitable vehicle may also be provided (limousine, sedan, minivan ...).

The driver safety , assisted if necessary by a support agent is formed and lead to anti aggression behavior. Escort by an opener and follower (car, motorcycle ) vehicle can also be expected.

S.S.P. Upscale

Protection Bodyguards. Paris, Geneve, Monaco, Miami, Dubai and the United Arab Emirat.

Restaurant Gastronomy The most trusted name in the capital of Gastronomic restaurants.

At your service

The driver authority big discount, take you wherever you go.

Always present to your side

Fashion shows, cultural and sporting events, conferences, meetings, inaugurations, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, private ceremonies, concerts.

Secure your displacement We ensure the safety and fluidity of your displacements also for your luxury purchase.

Who we are! Our rules : Sense of service : We are available , effective and responsive in everyday life. We use all our means at our disposal to satisfy your requests.

Confidentiality : Our duty of confidentiality means that we consider strictly confidential all information relating to our mission.

Respect professionalism : We recognize not only represent SSP , but also our customers. Image depends on the quality of the welcome and attention we pay to our holding and our know-how.

Charter Of Quality With an experience of many years and a close contact with its customers, the team of SSP's mission is to satisfy you. We are authorized by the Prefecture of the Bouches-duRh么ne (Decree 2009-155 of 5 October 2009) to engage in private activities of physical protection of people. We provide close protection officers confirmed. We handle all the logistics of your stay and assist you in choosing your homes to provide you absolute comfort. According to the Law 83-629 of 12 July 1983 regulating private security activities and the exercise of private activities of physical protection of persons, and in the respect for private life and the right to the image, we can not communicate all of our references. Aware that men make the value of the company, SSP attaches great importance to the selection of its employees. Our rules: Confidentiality, discretion, loyalty, integrity The Bodyguard is our business.

For information and application bodyguard for international thank you to contact: English, Italian and Spanish: Please contact directly the (00 33) 06 74 02 37 34 information: For applications and close protection to better address your needs thank you provide us with your telephone coordinates . We handle all the logistics of your stay and assist you in choosing your homes to provide you absolute comfort. Palace- luxury hotel, luxury residences , qualified staff and discreet are available to meet your requirements , thanks to our partners.


For all security problems : Intimidation , threats, harassment - Contact us Agence Paris SSP service de protection. rapprochée

Agence sud SSP-HPS SSP Department of Close Protection

164,avenue Charles De Gaulle 92200 Neuilly/Seine France

HPS privé.Gardiennages.Sûreté Airports Security Department.

Contact mail: Cellule protection & audit 24/24 -7/7 08 99 86 50 36

2, rue Odette Jasse Business center of the city 13015 Cosmetics Office: + 33 (0) 491035111 Fax: + 33 (0) 0989565969 Contact:

Our Mission: Organize , manage and secure your travels with rigor, discretion , studying routes and developing various alternative plans. Our rules : Confidentiality, discretion , loyalty, integrity.


The Close Protection is our business.

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S.S.P Bodyguard Upscale