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Impact – As you build your network your influence increases. Once you have a considerable social media audience you develop a snowball effect that will draw in new customers, media opportunities and collaborations with partners. Website traffic – Your social media can lead traffic to your website. By sharing post, specials, and videos, you are generating traffic to your website. You can monitor your traffic by utilizing monitoring software. Personally, I use Google Analytics because it generates detailed statistics about the visitors to my website, It also measures conversion from my social media site to my website. Many women entrepreneurs are trying to validate the expense and time management of handling their social media. Do you spend money hiring someone to promote you on your social media platforms? Or do you just pick one social media platform and post daily updates? Personally, I do my own posting on social media and I utilize Socialzing to promote ZippedMe. It is an exciting new social marketing platform that will help you promote your business on all social media sites, build your network, and send out email and text all in one place. By focusing on one source for all your social media connections, you have an opportunity to see proven results through increased profits and an increase demand for your brand. Check out my Socialzing website at http:// it will change the way you view your social media.

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Today's Innovative Woman, Dallas/Ft Worth, Jan/Feb 2015  

Spotlighting innovative women entrepreneurs of Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas!

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