Today's Innovative Woman, May/June 2013

Page 11

people out there who are waiting to be served by you will have to go without. Is it time to re-frame how you think about sales?

get them that help is by having a conversation. And uncovering their needs. And asking them to buy the solution. If you’re not selling, you’re not letting them have the transformation!

What if selling doesn’t have to feel dirty? What if selling is just a transaction that takes place between someone who has a problem and the person who has the solution? What if selling is just a conversation between you and a person who might need your help? And your job is to uncover that person’s needs to see if you can help them? What if offering your unique solution is actually your responsibility? You are here to help people transform their lives in some way, or you wouldn’t have started your business. And the only way to Debbie Delgado of helps female entrepreneurs transform their worry and frustration about their businesses into Money and Meaning! She helps women re-ignite their passion for their businesses and make more money so they can focus on serving the planet instead of worrying about their bills! Debbie has helped hundreds of women just like you step into control of their own lives and business so they never have to be at the mercy of what’s going on in the outside world again. Learn more at

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