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Foreign sales: Finland: (Sammakko); France (Rackham); Germany (avant-verlag); Italy (Fandango Libri); Spain (Reservoir Books) 10,000 copies sold in Germany in just 6 months! Grants available for translation, production, and author’s visits through the Swedish Arts Council

In The Feelings of Prince Charles, Liv Strömquist moves away from the provocations of her bestselling graphic novel The Fruit of Knowledge to answer the fundamental question, "What is love?" and reflect on the hows and whys of romantic relationships. However, as tabloids' front pages of a few years later would show, Diana and Charles indeed did have two different ideas of what that word meant. Flipping through those same magazines, one could also wonder why Whitney Huston had fallen in love with such a guy as Bobby Brown and realize that, when it comes to love, one's happiness does not necessarily imply the other's. Charles and Diana, Huston and Bobby Brown, as well as philosophers, writers, and politicians are the characters of these pages where daily life and official history mingle to show that in love roles and behaviors are far from immutable laws set into stone. By treating these romantic liaisons as much as the result of social and cultural norms and pressures, Strömquist invites us to look at romantic relationships differently, outside the straitjacket of heteronormativity. A rigorous and documented comic, The Feelings of Prince Charles above all makes a case for self-determination and the liberation of body and conscience. After reading The Feelings of Prince Charles, you will no longer look at couple life the same way.


Shortly after his engagement to Diana, at a press conference, Prince Charles was asked if he was in love. He replied after a little hesitation,"Yes, whatever the meaning of the word "love" is."

LIV STRÖMQUIST is one of Sweden’s most established cartoonists and is also a popular radio host. After graduating in political science, she had her comics breakthrough with the very successful Hundred Percent Fat (2005) which was followed by Operation (2006), Einstein’s Wife (2008), Prince Charles’ Feelings (2010), Yes to Life (2011) and Fruit of Knowledge, which was translated into twenty languages and sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. She is also very devoted to political activism, mainly in the areas of feminist issues and asylum policy.


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