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SPIT THREE TIMES DAVIDE REVIATI Coconino Press (Italy) | 2016 | 562 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: France (Ici-Même Editions); Germany (avant-verlag); World English (Seven Stories Press) Part of the Sélection Officielle Angoulême 2018 A small group of teenagers fascinated by a young, savage girl. In Davide Reviati’s Italian graphic novel violence and vulnerability magnificently coexists.—Le Monde A masterpiece in black and white.—L’Humanité Integration, drugs, secrets, ignorance, wisdom, rural depression, dreams, threats, coming of age: this and much more is summoned by Reviati’s imaginific poetry. You’ll find your eyes glistening once again.—Andrea Provinciali, Il Mucchio Selvaggio

the communist regime of marshal Tito and settled there just following the end World War II. This rough coming of age, among atmospheres that remind us of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Cesare Pavese, explores the peripheries’ perception and understanding of the outsider, giving us a merciless portrait of the challenges and brutality of cultural integration. A moving story about disenfranchised youth and the Romani people that never ringspathetic or hypocritical, Sputa Tre Volte is an unforgiving look at provincial life. DAVIDE REVIATI is an Italian cartoonist leading a double career of illustrator and cartoonist in publishing and the press (Il Manifesto, La Stampa, L’Unità), while collaborating in the screenwriting of movies. Morti di sonno, his graphic novel published in Italian by Coconino Press in 2009, was awarded the best album prize at the 2010 Napoli Comic Con. The French edition (published by Casterman) won the award for the best book in translation in 2011. Seven years after the success of Morti di Sonno, in 2016 Reviati released a new book Sputa Tre Volte (Spit Thrice) with Coconino Press. In just a few months, the book has already sold in German, Portuguese and French, has won two prizes and underwent a reprint.

More than 500 pages and they read like they were less half as many. Thanks to the impressive fluidity of the montage and the lightness of the writing.— Francesco Boille, Internazionale A searing coming-of-age graphic novel with reminiscences of Richard Ford’s short stories. A tale of integration, or lack thereof, between a small rural community and a Romani family and an elegy devoid of nostalgia, Sputa Tre Volte tells the coming of age of Guido, the son of rural folks, who finds himself growing up amidst the moral nihilism and boredom of the Italian eighties. Guido and his pals Moreno aka Il Grisù and Katango are rebels without a cause living in a provincial town of the Po Valley, a forsaken corner of the Italian countryside which has turned peripheral wasteland. Supposed students of the local vocational high school, they spend their days playing pools, hitting bars, stirring brawls, wandering around in their cars, smoking hashish and drinking beer. There was a time when Guido and his friends used to enjoy being country boys. Not too long ago, when they were children, they liked to stroll around the tilled fields, impatient to learn the secrets of peasant wisdom, anxious to become like their grandparents. However, they now much prefer to drive to the near Riviera Romagnola, check out its flashy dance clubs and end up drugged on its shores. Near Guido and his friends live the Stancic, a family of Romani who escaped who



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