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During the early seventies, along with his four daughters he joined the Movimiento Peronista Montonero, a leftist guerrilla group that fought for the return of Juan Perón to the presidency. With the rescue of the original script written by Oesterheld, plus the drawings made by Alberto Breccia in 1970, the book was first published in 2002 only in Argentina.

CHE (LA VIDA DEL CHE) 1968 | 80 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: France (Delcourt); Italy (Rizzoli Lizard); Norway (Minuskel); Portugal (Levoir); Spain (Reservoir Books); World English (Fantagraphics Books) co-drawn with Enrique Breccia In 1968 Breccia was joined by his son, Enrique, in a project to draw the comic biography of Che Guevara, with a script provided by Oesterheld. This comic book is considered among the reasons behind Oesterheld’s disappearance. Immediately after its publication, it caught the regime’s eye. The book was banned, the remaining copies pulped, the original drawings destroyed. The authors started receiving threats. The book then became some sort of cult object, cursed, rare, unattainable, until almost 20 years later, when it was finally republished in Spain.

MORT CINDER 1962 | 224 Pages | B&W | USA release: May 2018

Foreign sales: Argentina (Colihue); Brazil (Figura Editora); France (Rackham); Italy (Comma22); Poland (NonStopComics); Portugal (Levoir); Serbia (Darkwood); World English (Fantagraphics Books); World Spanish excluding Argentina (Astiberri)


Mort Cinder is considered one of Breccia’s finest achievements. It is a horror story with political overtones. This episodic serial, written and drawn between 1962–1964, follows the wanderings through time and space of a man who rises from the grave each time he is killed. A supernatural being, he has witnessed the darkest side of humanity—from ancient Greece to the mid-20th century. In his very first appearance, Cinder is presented as an assassin who has just been executed. Some mysterious lead-eyed men are awaiting his resurrection from the grave, planning to use his brain for a horrifying experiment. Winston, called by supernatural messages, comes to save him. Cinder has lived since ancient times, and took part in many famous historical episodes including the building of the Tower of Babel, World War I, and the Battle of Thermopylae. His origin, as well as his unearthly skills, are never explained. Interestingly, the face of the immortal Cinder is modeled after Breccia's assistant, Horacio Lalia, and the appearance of his companion, the antique dealer Ezra Winston, is actually Breccia's own. Drawn by Breccia in moody chiaroscuro, these horror-adventure tales are as thrilling, dread-inducing, and accessible as they were half a century ago.

SHERLOCK TIME 1958 | 184 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: Argentina (Colihue); France (Revival); Italy (Comma22); Spain (Under Offer); World English (Fantagraphics Books) A missing masterpiece straddling science fiction and mystery; with the ever present Breccia-Oesterheld overtone of bitter political criticism, Sherlock Time explores themes of bravery, betrayal, fear, and cowardice. A superb work about the meaning of justice, in Argentina after the 1955 coup it was considered a strong attack on the regime. Published starting 1958 on the weekly “Hora Cero,” Sherlock Time represents a turning point in the collaboration between these two masters and the beginning of a research path that will lead them to the creation of masterpieces like Mort Cinder, the new version of the Eternaut, and Che. Julio Luna, the co-protagonist of this story, buys for a bargain an old mansion in ruins in the San Isidro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, set on refurbishing it and enjoying his retirement there. However, the house hides secrets of cosmic proportions: it is the crossroads of a silent extraterrestrial invasion. Julio will be saved by an enigmatic character, Sherlock Time, who will prevent him from following the same bitter fate of the previous owners of the house. In return, the stranger asks to be able to stay there, in the tower of the mansion, a tower that reveals itself as a spaceship . . . and this is only the beginning!


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