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THE HUNTER GRACCHUS MARTOZ Coconino (IT) | November 2017 | 408 Pages | Color

Foreign sales: France (l’An 2, Actes Sud) One of the most interesting artists in Italy today.—La Repubblica There are many high-quality experimental comics out there, but something like this had never been seen before.—Francesco Bolle, Internazionale Taking inspiration from the homonymous unfinished short story by Franz Kafka, this stunning work narrates of the most formidable hunter in the Black Forest, Gracchus, who miserably finds death chasing after a white chamois. Because of a mistaken turn of the wheel, the ship that ferries him to the Afterlife gets lost and takes him back to the mainland, presenting him a chance to redeem his honor. As Gracchus starts his obsessive hunt against the chamois that caused his death, his fury is so intense that he doesn’t realize that he has become himself a pray: the presence of a dead man in the world of the livings is a great violation to the established order of things and nature activates a defense mechanism against him: he has become an anomaly that needs to be eradicated. An ambitious and mature work of astonishing visuals, embed with mythological and allegorical references, and enriched with an irresistible sense of humor, The Hunter Gracchus is a compelling hunt filled with the same obsessions that torment the heart and mind of every man.


MARTOZ was born in Assisi, Italy in 1990. Considered by many to be the most exciting new voice of the Italian comics scene. In 2017 he was awarded the Nuove Strade Award at the Naples ComiCon and the Andrea Pazienza Award for Best Solo Artist at the Festival of Cosenza. Apart from being a cartoonist, he is also illustrator and street artist, famous for his stunning mural paintings. His work has been exhibited in Rome, Los Angeles, Paris, New York and Moscow.


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