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NATURAL BEAUTY NANNA JOHANSSON Galago (Sweden) | 2017 | 156 Pages | Color

Foreign sales: Germany (avant-verlag) People have said of How to Cure of a Feminist: Nanna Johansson is a sharp satirist—she even uses the social humor herself—and of Sweden's funniest.—Bella Stenberg, Gothenburg Post The fifth in a series by humorist Nanna Johansson, Natural Beauty is a self-help book packed with tips and advice that may not help you that much in day-to-day but that is nevertheless hilarious. The book, as well as constisting of instructions on how to live a not that much healthier life, contains a endless of punchy lines, quirky illustrations, and sui generis jokes that will make you look at the misery of your own life with a newly found lightness, and even sympathy. NANNA JOHANSSON is a Swedish cartoonist living in Malmö. With Galago, she has also published Welcome to Your Psychos (2012) and How to Cure a Feminist (2013). The author of several novels, she is the anchor of the satirical radio programs Pang Prego and Tankesmedjan. She is also among the founders of the podcast Little Drive.


What if— simply put— your life sucked? A new book tells you how to do live every day as if it were your last— with tons of humor.


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