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ONE MORE YEAR, MEGG & MOGG IN AMSTERDAM, MEGAHEX SIMON HANSELMANN Foreign sales:Argentina (Locorabia/Hotel de las Ideas); Colombia (Rey Naranjo); Denmark (Forlaens); Finland (Kumjorava); France (Misma); Germany (avant-verlag); Greece (Kormoranos); Italy (Coconino Press); Norway (No Comprendo); Poland (Timof); Portugal (ChiliComCarne); Spain (Fulgencio Pimentel); Russia (Komilfo); World English (Fantagraphics Books) Winner of the Fauve d’or at Angoulême 2018. Simon Hanselmann is the real deal, for sure. He captures that stoner stay-at-home life so accurately that I actually find his comics really depressing and thank God I don’t ever have to hang out with anybody like that ever again.—Daniel Clowes One of my favorite cartoonists in the world right now.—Dylan Horrocks These are some of the best comics being made in the world right now, I really think so.—James Kochalka Hanselmann’s team of bitchy fuck-ups possesses such a well-unbalanced chemistry of neurosis, aggression and nonchalance you just can’t turn away.— Edie Fake It’s the range of these characters’ emotional register, and the beauty of Hanselmann’s renderings of same, that make his work sting and stick. Watching these themes emerge from a funny-animal gag strip with weed jokes is a bit like seeing the Locas saga spring forth from the brow of Jaime Hernandez’s old sci-fi stuff.—Sean T. Collins Simon has the deadly combination of talent and work ethic. He has a sneaky awareness of the language of comics and a pitch perfect sense of dialogue and humor. He is almost too good to be true. The first Megg & Mogg strips I read were so effortlessly funny and fully realized that I almost couldn’t believe he wasn’t a pseudonym for someone more established.—Eric Reynolds, Associate Publisher at Fantagraphics Megg, Mogg and Owl is a dark cartoon comedy set in suburban Australia about a depressed, drug-addicted witch and her stoner layabout animal friends. Initially published on the author’s online blog (, it soon became a viral phenomenon. In May 2014 it was picked up by VICE Magazine (US). Shortly after legendary U.S. publisher Fantagraphics released


the first extensive collection of this work under the title “Megahex” to much critical acclaim and commercial success. Several foreign editions followed, and a second book with Fantagraphics, Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam & Other Stories, was released in the Spring of 2016 and became an instant NY Times Best Seller. Megg the Witch shares a flat with her boyfriend Mogg, a cat, and Owl, an anthropomorphic owl that works in a call center. These characters let their lives go by without too much worry. They are glued to their TV set, smoking weed and hanging out with friends of their kind, such as Werewolf Jones, a man-wolf obsessed with being the life of the party and the terrible terrible father of two, the necromancer Mike, and the transsexual boogeyman monster Booger. What at first glance reads like an episodic stoner comedy soon unfolds to reveal a crisp character study of suburban life that rivals the work of Matt Groening or Richard Ford. Behind the stoner jokes and the depression, Hanselmann creates characters with very complex personalities that deeply connect with the readers, touching on contemporary issues such as mental illness, drug abuse, hawk eyes and much existential void. In the words of Fantagraphics, “Part Ernest Hemingway, part Johnny Ryan, Simon Hanselmann will make people laugh, cry, and then take a shower.” SIMON HANSELMANN is Australian-born cartoonist living in Seattle, WA, with his wife, a small dog and four goofball rabbits. The offspring of a biker and an heroin addict who relied on petty thefts and social welfare to support her little one, he spent his childhood and adolescence in one of the places with the highest crime rate in Australia. His most known work, Megg, Mogg & Owl has been a New York Times Bestseller for many weeks and has been translated to over ten foreign languages.


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