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THE TRILOGY GUIDO BUZZELLI Coconino Press (Italy) | May 2017 | 190 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: Finland (Täysi Käsi Oy); France (Le Cahier dessiné); Spain (Ponent Mon) For the first time available for translation, an Italian masterpiece of the 1970s: La Trilogia (The Trilogy), the most famous work of Guido Buzzelli, one of the main artistic inspiration of masters such as Gipi. Part of the Sélection Patrimonie Angoulēme 2019 [La Trilogia] is a book that every cartoonist should fear and respect and that every reader should have within their hands, so to discover the grace that the comic book medium can achieve when rightly executed.—Gipi, Robinson Buzzelli’s trait, mixing frontal realism with smoky burlesque, has no equivalent in contemporary comics. Simply put, he leaves you speechless.—Arnaud Gonzague, L’Obs Known as the "Michelangelo of Monsters" and the "Italian Goya," in the three stories that make up The Trilogy, Buzzelli comes up with parallel worlds and invented societies that develop in the gap between dream and nightmare.In La Rivolta dei Racchi (The Uprising of the Ugly), the first story of the collection, Buzzelli creates a primitive landscape and imagines a ruthless society in which the beautiful command the ugly, investigating the concept of class struggle from an original point of view. In I Labirinti (The Labyrinths) the setting is post-apocalyptic and hyper-developed and we are presented with extra-terrestrial beings and monstrous surgical experiments. In the third story, Zil Zelub, a peaceful and absolutely plausible society is set on fire by one man, whose uncontrollable body parts have decided to rebel against him. In each of these different settings the true protagonist is always the individual, with all his fears and unspeakable desires. With a masterful trait, able to support the uncontainable symbolism of Buzzelli’s imagination, this great long-forgotten author is finally again available. The Trilogy by Guido Buzzelli is one of the highest expressions ever reached by the comic medium and an absolutely essential read. In this work, the freakish and the dystopian intertwine with sharp humor to create three visionary stories that investigate the darkest vices and weaknesses that hide inside the human soul.


GUIDO BUZZELLI was an Italian cartoonist, writer, illustrator and painter His story,The Revolt of the Ugly, was published on the magazine Charlie Hebdo. He is considered one of the master of Italian comics.


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