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WAGE SLAVES DARIA BODGANSKA Ordfront Galago (Sweden) | 2016 | 200 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: France (Editions Rackham); Korea (ImageFrame); Poland (Centrala); Spain (Astiberri); Germany (avant-verlag); World English (Conundrum Press) Grants available for translation, production, and author’s visits through the Danish Arts Council Part of the Sélection Officielle Angoulême 2018 Wage Slaves cannot be described as anything but a highly timely and powerful testimony of a world that is invisible to most of us—and at the same time completely inseparable from ours.—Dagens Nyheters Told in a style reminiscent of Julie Doucet and Gabrielle Bell, Wage Slaves unites autobiography and reportage to uncover an overlooked part of the migratory phenomenon—one which happens within the bounds of the European Union, one in which regular European citizens are exploited. Daria has moved from Poland to Sweden in order to go to college and pursue her dream of becoming a cartoonist. When she is there, she finds herself unable to support her studies otherwise and thus forced to find work. Thanks to an acquaintance’s acquaintance, she soon finds a waitress position in an Indian Restaurant. When she asks the owner about her salary he just says, “We’ll talk about it another time.” The paycheck finally comes and it’s meagre. She has been paid on a rate of SEK 50 per hour (roughly the same as five Euros). Together with a journalist and a workers’ union she starts an undercover investigation of employment conditions at her workplace. In the process her life changes dramatically. Wage Slaves is not only a story about a workers’ union struggle, though. It’s also a story about life—about finding love, making new friends, partying, starting a punk band and beginning anew in a stranger country. Most of all, it is a true portrayal of the precarious generation of which the author Daria Bogdanska is part. It tells about a large swath of the European population which approaches thirty and which suddenly realizes that it doesn’t have anything. No money, no skills, no security. DARIA BOGDANSKA was born in 1988 in Warsaw and currently lives in Malmö. Bogdanska moved to Sweden in 2013 and has gone on Myllykylä Series School. She also plays in the punk band War Two and works as a bicycle mechanic.



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