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RÖHNER MAX BAITINGER Rotopol (Germany) | 2016 | 216 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: France (L’Employé Du Moi); Spain (Fulgencio Pimentel); USA (2D Cloud) Finalist for the Leibinger Stiftung Comicbuchpreis 2016 P. leads a hermit life in an appropriate symbiosis with his busy neighbor. From the preparation of the coffee to the care of the house plants everything runs in time. This rhythm changes with the unexpected arrival of Röhner – an old acquaintance. While Röhner becomes a psychotic imposition, P. imagines various scenarios, how he could get rid of the unloved guest. Only when Röhner begins to build an intimate relationship with the neighbor, P. frees himself from his thoughts and grasps action.

MAX BAITINGER Born in Penzberg, Upper Bavaria in 1982, Max Baitinger has been drawing comics since his apprenticeship as a carpenter. He studied illustration at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. His work is influenced by the Duden Pictorial Dictionary of 1992, Beautiful Living; Stories by Luise Boege, and Alexander Kluge. As described by a critic, he "designs whole worlds with a few lines." His book Heimdall was honorably mentioned at the International Comic Salon Erlangen 2014 (ICOM). The German version of Rohner was a finalist for the comic book award of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation and has been featured on The Geothe Institute website and by It's Nice. Baitinger is an organizer of "The Millionaires Club" comic festival in Leipzig and he and works as a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and animator.



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