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ALWAYS FUCKING UP MOA ROMANOVA Kartago (Sweden) | Fall 2019 | 184 Pages | Color

Foreign sales: Finland (Sammakko); France (Revival); Russia (ComFed); Spain (Reservoir Books); USA (Fantagraphics Books)

What if you Tinder matched with an older celebrity? Sounds like a joke, right? Well, that’s what happened to Moa, for better or worse. And this is the story of it all.

Moa Romanova not only does have wonderful precision and wonderful characters; she has a well-rounded, complex imagery that freely mixes graphic pastel minimalism, wavy and colorful 80s vibes, and manga. She depicts a state or a mood rather just a linear story.—Dagens Nyheter Kultur. I love her comics, I'm a big fan and incredibly impressed.—Liv Strömquist Every twenty-something woman knows very well that the average match she will match with on Tinder has most likely dubious intentions, dubious life goals and dubious (if not absent) sources of income. The Gods seem to want to prove this basic truth wrong, when Moa—broke, depressed, living with a bunch of homeless on top of a old cold store—matches a very famous Swedish celebrity via Tinder. Not only does the 53 year old man like Moa, he is also the only one able to give her the support, validation, and motivation that not even a 120-euros-an-hour therapist paid with welfare money can give her. The old man seems to genuinely believe in Moa, he even encourages her artistic ambition by even offering himself to support financially her career. However, as Moa progressively discovers that her would-be savior is much more twisted and creepier than she originally thought, things will get weirder and weirder—and that’s an euphemism. Drawing in a idiosyncratic style that mixes De Chirico and '80s visual culture, Romanova takes the genre of comic book Künstlerroman to a whole new level. A thought-provoking debut that is deep, funny and incredibly relatable, Always Fucking Up tells about one of the most indecisive, restless, and self-doubting, and yet so interesting and lovable lead characters to date. MOA ROMANOVA is a Norwegian cartoonist born in 1992. After studying classical painting at the Gothenburg School of Fine Arts and graduating from the Malmö Comic Art School, she decided to switch from painting and blogging as Monkinodraw to the comic book medium. Always Fucking Up is her first graphic novel. Her work has been featured in Dagens Nyheter, Vice, Bang and Galago. 1



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