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STRANGER BLOOD SERGI PUYOL Apa Apa Comics (Spain) | February 2019 | 116 Pages | Color Stranger Blood describes the existential boredom of a whole generation, with a narrative form that is fantastic, sparkling and genuine.—Ana Galvañ, illustrator and comics author Sergi Puyol has put all his visual skills into a story that is both gripping and disturbing, in which we can never be sure of what is true and what is false. Only one thing appears to be true beyond the shadow of doubt: obsession can drag us into insanity.—Gerardo Vilches, comics critic and curator Puyol has joyfully given himself to the narrative pleasures of great literature with the tools of a contemporary master, but to fully enjoy his best work so far I recommend reading his gray words with a low and anemic voice, in order to dispel the secret truth that all blood is stranger. And ours, more than any. — Santiago García, author of Las Meninas. National Comic Award, 2015 What exactly does stranger blood stand for? Arnaldo’s life is filled with a pneumatic void. He can’t stand Fridays, can’t stand working, he can’t stand, in general, his sorry postmodern existence. Until one day something random happens. Against his will, his spirit is shaken to the core leading him into an allconsuming obsession.On a seemingly typical Friday afternoon while at his local grocery store, he witnesses an episode that will make him snap out of his own alienated existence. A man trying to decide which whisky to buy suddenly enters into a catatonic trance. He begins to repeat a strange phrase, one that becomes more cryptic over time:An anemic sunrise poured the sickly dawn over the grayish East. Arnaldo grows more and more intrigued by the episode, the phrase, the man behind it all, and goes on a compulsive hunt to find answers. His search will lead him through Russian novels, gallons of beer and into metaphysical questions to finally realize one can escape any place on earth except his mind.


Stranger Blood is both a mystery thriller and psychological exploration of what triggers obsession into the human mind.

SERGI PUYOL (Barcelona 1989) is a professional letterer, cartoonist and graphic designer. He is the co-owner of the Spanish comics Publisher Apa-Apa comics together with Toni Mascaró since 2011. He has been featured in publications such Panorama, la novela gráfica española hoy (Astiberri 2013), the erotic comics anthology Rubor (La Cúpula, 2015) and the Lithuanian publication Kûs!.


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Am-Book Spring 2019 Rights List