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AN INSTRUMENT OF PURE MOTION TOMMI PARRISH TBD | TBD | Pages In Progress| Color Tommi Parrish’s new book explores the modern emotional landscape. When capitalistic logic is applied to the way human relationships are formed, those in turn become more and more void of any true value….leading people to the most extreme ways to find real intimacy. (IN DISTACCATO) Sasha is weighed down by chronic boredom of an unknown origin. A twentysomething sex worker, she still lives with her parents and balances two opposing worlds. Her work is fueled by creative research, while her earnings are only an afterthought. You already want to kill her, right? Eliza is her polar opposite, a struggling AA single mother who works as a hair dresser. When they meet for the first time, Sasha becomes deeply infatuated with their divergent paths. But her tendency to manipulate and compulsively lie makes it difficult to achieve a healthy connection. Using Eliza’s economic difficulties as leverage, Sasha lures her into participating in a threesome with an elderly client of hers. Initially Eliza is repulsed by the elderly new-age john, but as the narrative progresses something changes within her.

A deeply relevant exploration of how far and how low people are willing to go to achieve an authentic connection in a society that is becoming increasingly unable to offer any real intimacy. TOMMI PARRISH (b. 1989, Melbourne) is a cartoonist, illustrator, and art editor based in Montreal, QC. Parrish has comics in the permanent collection at the Gallery of Western Australia and has had shows, delivered workshops, and given talks throughout Australia, North America, and Argentina. His previous work, The Lie And How We Told It, was nominated for the Ignatz awards, featured in several best of 2018 lists and translated into several countries. Tommi spends his days painting comics at the kitchen table.


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Am-Book Spring 2019 Rights List