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THE MOST CHARMING GIRL OF THE PARTY MY PALM Galago (Sweden) | October 2018 | 152 Pages | B&W The Most Charming Girl at the Party is a precise depiction of being 20-something in the 2010s, with precarious jobs and aimless university studies, where everyone is saving up to go backpacking, where the choices are many but still limited to sales quota and temporary contracts, and where everyone else seems suspiciously happy, in love, almost perfect. {…}One of the most beautiful comics of the Fall—National Public Radio (Sveriges Radio) Looked forward to this after reading excerpts in Galago, but my pretty high expectations were surpassed! A very well-written story with unique style and sharpness, both part of a larger trend of contemporary comics and stirring away from it toward other depths. It’s about relationships, self-esteem and adulthood. It’s about jobs that bring you to the verge of a nervous breakdown, that paralyzing stress over have too many choices, but also that friendship that heals like nothing else {…} —Sebastian Lönnlöv, Goodreads

What does it take not to suck at life? Why does going on a date feels more and more like a horror movie? Do you have to lie to people? And why does everything feel so hopeless? This book is about being twenty-something and lost in the process of being alive. You are either hooking up with horrid fuckboys or with no one. You don’t know what you want or what you can accomplish in life, or what you should strive to become. You feel like you are failing at everything. But everyone else looks successful. That feeling - and to some extent the age - is terrible. Maybe hell is being 23 forever? Performance anxiety, day after day, longing for real intimacy that never comes: these are by no means matters of life and death, but they wear you out slowly and painfully nonetheless. My Palm depicts how reality looks to the ever-mocked millennial generation. Born into the '90s and the attendant delusional bright promises about the future, she faces a gloomy reality dating sad guys and working a call center job in public management. It's a fun yet painful book about insecurity, shame, sex and the value friendship, which shows us that even in the darkest times friendship can pull us all through. And this is ultimately what matters. MY PALM (born 1989) was educated at the Malmö Comics School and is part of the collective Sad Kicking Girl Gang with Ester Eriksson, among others. Her comics have been published in the magazine Galago.

As a reader, you are immediately drawn into My Palm’s black and white, seemingly modest but truly expressive style of drawing.—Svenska Dagbladet (from the Best books of the year-list, by Elias Björkman) My Palm checks off all the do’s and don’t’s of adult life in the pursuit of her own life with wonderful timing, personality and sharpness. Another magnificent Swedish comic debut.—



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