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¡A LA AVENTURA! ALEXIS NOLLA Apa Apa Comics (Spain) | April 2018 | 130 Pages | Color

Foreign sales: Portugal (Gradiva) Alexis Nolla is the best artist on the planet. In making such an affirmation, I am not exaggerating: what I like most about being alive in the 21st century is knowing that Alexis Nolla is in his room drawing.—Conxita Herrero. In this short story collection, Alexis Nolla tells us of great travelers that really existed—or that are totally invented, Bolaño’s style. In its pages, we encounter the legendary Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott; fathers and sons on a quest to find the Devil’s Island; and monsters with PTSD syndrome. Different genres combine in Nolla’s unique portrayal of dauntless explorers, solitary hunters, melancholic monsters, frozen noses and brave travelers creating a mesmerizing hymn to the beauty of discovery and to the ancestral power of wilderness. With atmospheres out of a Wes Anderson’s movie, ¡Ah la aventura! is a collection of stories, both real and invented, about men in the wilderness from one of the most appraised contemporary Spanish cartoonist of the new generation. ALEXIS NOLLA was born in Barcelona in 1987. Besides the three stories collected in ¡Ah la aventura!, he previously published with Apa-Apa Escondite/ La Isla del Diablo, El Polo Sur, Tre Marineros, as well as Chico del Antifaz with Diminut and Terra Extraña. His work has been featured in fanzines and magazines (Voltio; Perdiz), and collective books (Rubor; Hodoo Vodoo) and he is most internationally appreciated Spanish comic book artist.



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