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SUNSET AT THE SEA BREEZE VITT MORETTA Coconino Press (Italy) | November 2018 | 184 Pages | B&W Todd, Colby, and Liam are on their way to party at the Sea Breeze, one of those clubs at the seashore where bored celebrities of all kinds gather to dance electronic music, do drugs, and be fabulous. Their driving force is clearing utter boredom and the dreamy perspective of mating. Soon after getting to the club, the three friends split. While Liam, the sensitive type, goes to look for Velvet, a semi-famous actress with a knack for spirituality, with a flower in his hand; Todd and Colby become victims of the weirdos attending the party. Colby, with his oversize cardigan and depressive tendencies a reincarnation of Nirvana’s frontman, gets beaten up by a group of guys offended by his comments about rich people. Todd, for his part, gets picked up by the club’s owner who has the intention to get him terribly drunk and make him his sidekick for the night. The three friends progressively descend into their respective rabbit holes. Colby meets a total misanthrope with whom he spends the rest of the evening smoking pot. Todd ends up in with Diana, a hooker that falls in love with him, while Liam and Velvet little by little yield to Mother Nature’s call. Meanwhile, a group of boy-scouts camping not far away from the club discovers the Sea Breeze. The expedition that follows will set in motion the repressed rage of one of the little scouts who will set the club on fire. Luckily for our heroes, a Delorean-like sport car will come in handy. Sunset at the Sea Breeze is a one of a kind graphic novel that mixes grunge-like nihilism and nostalgia for a lost ingenuity with bittersweet Kurt Vonnegut-like sense of humour. By the end of the book, you will not want its eccentrics to leave you.


VITTORIA MORETTA is a cartoonist and illustrator from Abruzzo, born in 1990. After attending the Cartoon Academy of Pescara, she spent a few years traveling. Over the years she experimented extensively with the world of self-production. In 2017 she started a collaboration with Coconino Press through the creation of an on-line series with monthly episodes. Sunset at the Seabreeze is her first graphic novel.

Vitt Moretta’s debut is a off-beat love letter to the destructive ennui and post-industrial malaise that grips many Italian provincial cities, especially when summer is over and utter boredom becomes a state of mind.


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