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ZENITH MARÍA MEDEM Apa Apa Comics (Spain) | November 2018 | 114 Pages | Color

Featured on 6 Best of 2018 lists including EL PAÍS First print run sold out in one and a half months Maria Medem’s drawings in this oneiric story are -in more than one way-  deceptively simple. Its aggressively colored images hide an important ability to translate visual metaphors  Whole pages of text would be needed to transmit what Medem says with just a few comics of her characters having lunch..—ABC With minimalistic aestherics and  saturated colors, we see a daring reflection on emotional mechanics that attempts to reveal the keys behind  human fears and self destructive impulses—El Diario Montañés Under an ever-present orange sun illuminating a desert landscape, two male artists meet every morning for breakfast and chat. One of them sleepwalks and breaks his sculptures into pieces every night—even though he is unable to admit it; the other barely sleeps and frets about getting immediately his work only to spend the rest of the day ruminating about his ever-deepening frustration. Both men evidently have a problem, but as soon as one of them suggests to the other a solution, or at least that he try to face his demons, the other bursts into a rage. The aimless dialogues that ensue illustrate how difficult it is to break a habit once one has acquired it. Both men would rather be crushed by their neurosis than welcome the other’s advise. But to say that Zenith is just that a dialogue between two neurotics would be quite reductive. Time and time again, Medem’s drawings spill into hypnotizing David Lynch-like dream sequences whose exact meaning escapes the viewer, and yet fascinate for their raw power. With a evocative color palette ranging from deep blue to bright orange that will certainly remind one of George O’Keeffe’s paintings of desert, enigmatic landscapes and atmospheres reminiscent of Giorgio De Chirico’s metaphysical paintings, Zenith is a book that gets under one’s skin and gets to the reader on a deeper, not quite rational level.


MARÍA MEDEM (Seville, 1994) began to self-publish her comics after completing her degree in Fine Arts. She published her first long comic with Terry Bleu, a small Dutch publisher. She has participated in anthologies such as NOW (Fantagraphics) and Cold Cube 004 (Cold Cube Press) and is also a contributor to The New York Times. She has participated in the event The City in Comics in Madrid with a large format mural comic.


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