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SQUEAK THE MOUSE MASSIMO MATTIOLI Coconino Press (Italy) | April 2019 | 160 Pages | Color Mattioli goes beyond. But there’’s not nihilism within him. No bitter sarcasm. Like Pazienza, and even more, Mattioli appears to be having so much fun doing what he does.—Daniele Barberi Massimo Mattioli is one of the greatest author that Italy has given to comics in the past two generation, and one of the greatest surreal-humorous cartoonist of all times.—Matteo Stefanelli, Fumettologica For the first time integrally recompiled, the classic 1980s work that has inspired Matt Groening in creating The Simpsons’ notorious Itchy & Scratchy. In this silent cartoon noise is the only sound. It’s a parody of Tom & Jerry in which a cat desperately attempts, but with little luck, to kill a sadistic bloodthirsty mouse. Even when he finally accomplishes his agonized mission, a mysterious duck-scientist brings Squeak back to life. Revenge nows becomes the mouse’ reason to live. The two of them will go through numerous wondrous fights to kill one another. Even though the style is typical of children’s comics, it’s very much an adult comic, with gore, horror, and unnecessary (but necessary) violence. Originally appeared in the legendary Italian magazine Frigidaire, its success was so great that it became one of the reference works of its genre for a whole generation of underground authors. It was translated worldwide. This work now comes back with previously unpublished stories. The two original volumes plus one third of unpublished material. This is the rediscovery of an essential work of comics.


MASSIMO MATTIOLI was born in Rome on September 25th 1943. His surreal, humorous comic strips debuted for the first time in 1965 for the magazine in Il Vittorioso. He then spent some time in both France and the UK, drawing the adventures of M le magicien for the magazine Pif and collaborating with Mayfair magazine. Back in Italy, he worked with Il Corriere dei Ragazzi, Lupo Alberto and Paese Sera. In 1973 he created the Pinky series on the pages of Il Giornalino, which would go on for over 40 years. The protagonist was a pink bunny working as a photo-reporter that, with apparent candor, made fun of all the clichés of children’s narratives. Along with his children’s work Mattioli continued to put out significant work targeted at adults. In 1977, together with Stefano Tamburini, Andrea Pazienza, Gaetano Liberatore and Filippo Scozzari, he creates the groundbreaking magazine Cannibale, where he published both self-concluding stories and the adventures of humorous mean characters such as Joe Galaxy. From 1980 to 1987 he was both one of the co-creators and regular contributor of the magazine Frigidaire, where he published, among others, the horror-splatter adventures of Squeak the mouse. During his career, he has been awarded several prizes, among which the Phoenix in 1971, the Yellow Kid in 1975 and the Romics d’Oro in 2009.


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