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PSYCHO GIRL AGNES JAKOBSSON Kartago (Sweden) | October 2018 | 210 Pages | Color

Grants available for translation, production, and author’s visits through the Swedish Arts Council English sample available Agnes meets a guy, Lillis. She falls hard for him, and so far everything is normal. But Agnes quickly realizes that while she’s investing a lot of time and energy in the relationship, he only seems to have her as Plan B. Instead of running away, as somewhere inside her brain she knows she should, Agnes begins an intense crusade to have him finally see and respect her. However, despite all the efforts to be the perfect girl, Lillis seems to only think she's difficult and upset. Agnes gets more and more obsessed and the negative spiral runs out of control.

Psycho Girl is a graphic novel about that twenty-something mental blurriness and self search. Why does she act like she does, and what is she looking for - really? It is a bit of tragic history, narrated with depth and a lot of humor.

Cruelly relatable, psychologically piercing, brutally honest. This is the universal story of falling obsessively in love with an elusive f#*k boy we deep inside know is an idiot. 68

AGNES JAKOBSSON is one of Sweden's new star stars. She is educated at the Malmö series school. Psycho Girl is her debut in book form.


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Am-Book Spring 2019 Rights List