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LANGFINGER & WACKELZAHN MICHEL ESSELBRÜGGE Rotopol (Germany) | October 2018 | 172 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: France (L’Employé Du Moi); Langfinger is a teenager, orphan, and self-appointed master thief. He lives in a vacant factory building near a forest with his dog Wackelzahn. Together with Max, whose parents are about to get divorced, and his stone toad Gunter they roam through fallow industrial areas, adjacent fields and forests, throw stones at people, and destroy the territory of the warring gang “Logbu- ch-Eiche”. In his Coming-of-Age-Story Michel Esselbrügge manages to shape a sociocritical image of adolescent life forms without moralizing. His characters act in a childish world of imagination, consisting of superpowers, banditry and destructive “angryyouth” outcasts. They are looking for affiliation to construct any kind of identity, but they neither become mature nor adult. MICHEL ESSELBRÜGGE was born in 1990 in Bielefeld. He spent his childhood and youth in Steinhagen, 10 kilometers away. Since 2012 he studies visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. He is co-founder of the Institute for Contemporary Cartooning and part of the artist collective FAN ART. His comics have been featured in international anthologies such as Orang, Kuti Kuti and kuš! and posted on . Langfinger and Wackelzahn is his first fulllength publication.



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