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DONDE ESTAS BEA ENRIQUEZ Salamandra Graphic (Spain) | November 2019 | 224 Pages | Color

Winner of the XI PREMIO INTERNACIONAL NOVELA GRÁFICA FNAC-SALAMANDRA GRAPHIC 2018 Featured on El Cultural’s Best Comics of 2018 A carousel of everyday experiences that excite us for their sincerity and attract us for their simplicity. {...} But there is something more woven between these comics, the ability to provoke reflection, to help us accept and understand life as it is.—El Cultural Thoughts about loneliness, sought after or not, and the complexity of relationships, Donde Estas?Stands out for the narrative and visual freshness with which its author relates these themes.—La Razon In a world in which choices have become infinite and deeper bonds have become rare, people are left wandering around looking for the mirage of a real connection. ¿Dónde estás? is an autobiographical work by Bea Enríquez in which she explores her relationship with solitude, its empty spots, the challenges of being social and the need to be understood. Eight stand alone chapters that intertwine with one another: a warehouse of everyday stories, everyday feelings and thoughts. With simple lines and a great mastering of color, the author conveys a kaleidoscopic portrait of what this life is made of.

BEA ENRIQUZ was born in Madrid in 1982. She studied illustration and plastic arts at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios número diez de Madrid. Ever since she was a child, she loved going to the swimming pool and drawing. In her life she has worked exactly in these two fields: as a swimming teacher and as an illustrator.



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