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ZENOBIA MORTEN DÜRR & LARS HORNEMAN Cobolt Förlag (Denmark) | 2016 | 100 Pages | Color

Foreign sales: Arabic World (Tamer Institute); Australia & New Zealand (Queensland University Press); Brazil (SesiSP); Bulgaria (Janet 45); Croatia (Sandorf); France (Editions Marabout); Faroe Islands (Bokadeild); Germany; Italy (Mondadori); Japan (Thousand of Books); Korea (Jiyangsa); Macedonia (Templum); Norway (Fontini); Russia (ComFed); Spain (Barbara Fiore Editora); Sweden (Nypon Forlag); Turkey (Palto); US (Seven Stories Press) Animation rights optioned by Kanaki Films Grants available for translation, production, and author’s visits through the Danish Arts Council Zenobia is aimed at children, but it has such a great fortitude that it can be read by everyone, and will work as a facilitator for a deep conversation for all readers.—The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Per Juul Carlsen. Zenobia is a remarkable book that sends a strong message about one of the world’s most persistent crises. Its power lies in its visual simplicity and a very few poignant words but, above all, it is impossible not to identify with Amina and her parents and uncle. Their story becomes your own; their family, your own family. In short, if any book can be perfect, this is it.—Erich Mayer, Arts Hub Australia Harrowing and instructive.—The New York Times Zenobia is both a comic for children and adults . . . there is a need for books like Zenobia that will insist that no human being is illegal.—Felix Rothstein, Atlas Magazine Zenobia narrates the story of Amina, a Syrian girl who is on the run from the war. Her uncle sends her off on a rickety boat along with other refugees to give her the chance a better life, but because of the withering sea, the girl falls into the water. As Amina sinks into the cold sea, in a long flashback, we see her life in Syria before and during the war that changed her life. MORTEN DÜRR was is the award winning author of 54 books in Danish which have been translated into 9 languages. He lives in Copenhagen.


LARS HORNEMAN is an award winning illustrator who has authored over 100 between children’s and educational books.


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