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Coconino Press (Italy) | November 2018 | 272 Pages | B&W

Foreign sales: France (Atrabile) Included Best Comics of 2017 charts by La Repubblica, Artribune, Fumettologica, and Internazionale; Winner of the Attilio Micheluzzi Award 2018. Part of the Sélection Officielle Angoulême 2019 Nominated for the Gran Giunigi Award 2018 Morning Moon is one of the best poems presented to Italian comics in 2017. . . . A beautiful and often moving story. Among the best of this year in closing. Applause.—Andrea Urso, Atribune I have always had a weak spot for Francesco Cattani as a cartoonist, since his early short stories. But especially with the revelation of his debut graphic novel Barcazza (2010). And I can’t even complain about his scarce productivity. No, he can take all the time that he needs if then the results are like Morning Moon . . . . Cattani is the perfect orator of social discomfort, with all its breathtaking fears and contradictions.—Andrea Provinciali, Il Mucchio Selvaggio


Seven years after his award-winning Barcazza (2010), a great Italian cartoonist comes back with a powerful 24 hour tour de force into the ruthlessness of suburbia; a fast-paced, brutal, yet poetic coming of age. Morning Moon is an intimate, acute, and sickly erotic ode to the Italian suburbs, a work whose atmospheres are a mix between Pasolini and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia.

It’s the hottest winter in the last 100 years. So hot that municipal workers are putting up Christmas lights in shorts. The abnormal weather is inducing madness in the town, emboldening the citizens to become wilder and less afraid. A fast paced 24-hour journey of coming of age in which our protagonist, middle school boy Tommi, will grow up faster than he could have ever anticipated. A suburban lucid dream populated with uncanny, even grotesque characters and places. A Chinese bar with a secret brothel in its basement. A petty criminal with a passion for flavored Grappa trying to score some cash selling outdated XXX DVDs. Teenage girls getting suspended from school for doing heavy petting in the bathrooms. A teacher caught filming a cross-dressing student. A teenage boy lighting a cigarette off the face of another teenage boy. Factory workers striking because the management wants to replace them with robots. All these bizarre events and characters eventually will convert into a dramatic, cathartic end. Intelligent and cutting, one of the most anticipated Italian comics of the year.

FRANCESCO CATTANI was born in Bologna, Italy in 1980. His previous graphic novel, Barcazza, won the Micheluzzi Prize in 2008 and was published both in Italy by Canicola and in France by Atrabile. His drawings and comics have been featured on several national publications such as Internazionale, Rolling Stone, XL Repubblica.


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