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This week's reviews are on Horton hears a who, Amityville Horror Original and Remake, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Monsters Inc, The day the Earth Stood Still (2008), Cocoon, Slither and The Crocodile Hunter Collision Course and the long awaited review of Big Trouble in Little China.

This week I watched HORTON HEARS A WHO. It is a movie based on a book by my favorite children's author Dr. Seuss. I was watching it with my one year old daughter. She loved it. I loved it. I especially love the fact that Jim Carrey is the voice of Horton and Steve Carell is the voice of Mayor Who. It was so funny. I liked the furry creature the one that puffed up and floated into space at the end of the movie. She was so cute. Horton hears a who is a wonderful movie to watch with your child even if you are a child at heart. I loved how it brought back my childhood memories of the story. I read the story when I was in kindergarten at school. I would recommend this movie for anyone big or small, no matter how old you are or how young you are. If you haven't seen this movie yet go get the DVD, rent it from your local movie rental and sit down with a nice hot bowl of popcorn with your children, yourself or your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend and WATCH IT. You'll love it as much as I love it.

I recently watched the original Amityville Horror and the remake. I found a lot of similarities in the movie as well as differences. I also have some similarities I liked and some differences that I didn't like with the remake. Here are my similarities and differences. 1. I loved the way the original started. It was more creepy then the remake's opening. I liked the remake's opening because they are showing actual clips from the event that happened. 2. The original movie showed the priest being attacked by the flies and not being able to breathe and then getting sick. The remake did not show the priest getting sick. 3. The little girl had a doll in the original not a teddy bear like the remake did. 4. The original had the children's aunt who was a nun come to visit and get the same sickness as the priest. The remake didn't have the aunt coming over to visit. 5. In the original movie it was George and Kathy that found the sitter in the closet after coming back from a wedding. The police were the ones that found the sitter in the closet before George and Kathy got back from going to dinner. The sitter in the original was a kid with braces and the one in the remake was a wild child. 6. The original showed the priest arguing with the church about what to do to help George and Kathy. The remake didn't have anything like that. It just showed the priest leaving the house and that was that. 7. The church claimed that the priest

was making up his own demons and that the house was not possessed. The remake didn't have anything involving the priest like I said above. 8. The original had one of the little boy get the window shut on his fingers after teasing his little sister. The remake didn't show the boys teasing their sister or anything happening to the boys. 9. The original had George walk into the room where the priest had been attacked by the flies and he finds them. The remake didn't even acknowledge the flies as a sign of evil like the original did with George. 10. The original had the front door break open from the inside, where as, none of that was seen in the remake. 11. In the original you slowly start to see George go crazy, however, in the remake you see it happen way too fast. 12. In the original George was a boat man and in the remake George is a construction worker. 13. The original Kathy calls the priest and begins to pray, however, in the remake you don't see that. 14. In the original Kathy starts to feel strange and begins to see strange things happening to make her think she is going crazy. We don't see that in the remake. 15. George has a fight with a friend in a bar in the original movie, however, in the remake you don't see George with any friends. In fact in the remake whenever he leaves the house he feels fine a big difference from the original. 16. George was the one that finds out about the house being built on the ground of a house that belonged to John Ketcham. In the remake it was Kathy that finds out about the Ketcham thing. 17. George and his friends break down his wall and uncover what they call "a well to hell". You do not see that in the remake you see him tear down the wall and later find out he was just dreaming. 18. No one believes the priest. In the remake the priest has a small part. 19. The church statue starts to fall apart and then the priest goes blind and the statues face is the same as it was. In the remake none of this was done and left out I'm sure. 20. Kathy has a nightmare in the original about George killing the children, but you don't see that in the remake. 21. A cop is following the priest around and trying to piece together what is going on. In the remake not even the cop is seen. 22. The dog is alive and saves George's life in the original. In the remake George kills the dog. 23. The house starts to bleed. In remake it is a very small part seen. 24. The original had the demon with red eyes, where as, the remake did not. 25. The original didn't have the contacts like the remake which made George's eyes look creepy.

Now my dislikes and likes about the original movie. I liked the fact that the movie was long and you slowly watched as George went crazy. I liked the acting. James Brolin is a very good actor and he made you convinced he was really going crazy and you along with him. I don't have any dislikes about the movie. Now for my likes and dislikes about the remake. For starters I liked the way the opening was done, but I didn't like how fast the movie went. Instead of slowly watching George go crazy you saw him go from his normal self and then all of a sudden he was crazy. What is up with that? Oh who was the director of that movie? Oh yeah Micheal Bay the destroyer of the Transformers movie. I'll give you my review of that movie later and why I don't think it is wise to make another movie. I didn't like the actor that played George in the remake. He was not very convincing when he was crazy. I don't know, but I didn't get the creepy feeling I got when I watched the original movie. Would I recommend the original? Of course I would. So if you want to see it or if you have never seen it go get the DVD and sit down with a nice steaming bowl of popcorn and WATCH IT! Would I recommend the remake? Of course I would it is almost as good as the original. Notice I said almost. It is not as good. At least in the remake they stuck with the fact that it was John Ketcham. If you want to watch it feel free too.

Just recently I watched The CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. I thought the story line was good, but the movie was really really long. It was a good movie it just was like "get to the point already." I can't sit through terribly long movies and this was one of the movies I couldn't sit through. I liked this movie a lot. I wish it was shorter though. Would I recommend this movie? Well if you like long boring movies about a guy that ages younger as he gets older then yes. If you like a story line and think it is very interesting that he is aging younger, but wish it had been cut down to two hours instead of almost what feels like four hours then no. I enjoyed the movie and loved the idea of a man that ages backward as he gets older, but I just didn't like how long it was. It was terribly long. Brad Pitt is a wonderful actor and there was nothing wrong with the acting in this movie. THE MOVIE IS JUST TOO LONG FOR MY TASTE.

I sat down to watch Monsters Inc. with my little girl and realized why I enjoyed that movie. I loved the little girl named Boo. She was so cute. I have never laughed as hard as I did when watching this movie. I loved the fact that Sully had found out that children's laughter was more powerful then their screaming. Mike was funny too. I love the whole Googlie bear thing. That gave me a kick. My little girl laughed at the monster that fell down at the beginning of the movie during his training session. I forgot that part made me laugh as hard as she did. I'm glad she enjoyed that movie as much as I did when I watched it. I had not seen this movie since my little brother was about five years old and my husband borrowed it from a friend to watch and we watched it. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching it with my little brother and then it made me realize that my little brother wasn't so little anymore. He's 17 now and probably doesn't remember all the times I sat down to watch a movie with him. I am hoping that my little girl will remember all the times that I have sat down to watch her movies with her. She really likes An Easter Carol by Veggie tales. I'll go into a review about that later. Her other favorite movies are the Star Wars ones. She loves the fight scenes with the lightsabers. I'll also review those later. Anyway, back to Monsters Inc. Would I recommend this movie? YES! So if you haven't seen it or haven't watched it in a

long time GO GET IT! You could sit down and watch it with your children or grandchildren or even great grandchildren. I know I would watch this with my grandmother.

Here is a long awaited review. My review on The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008). I thought the movie was great. It wasn't as good as the original. This movie had been modernized, but it had great acting. I enjoyed the movie very well. I especially liked the giant robot and the fact that there is someone out there watching us destroy our own planet. When given the chance to witness our destruction we then realize we need to change. The original was good, but this movie was better in my opinion. Would I recommend this movie? Yes. So if you haven't seen it yet go out and rent it then I would like to know your opinion on the movie. Feel free to tell me your opinion.

I recently watched a movie called Cocoon. It was a great movie. I liked how the Aliens were really friendly ones just trying to get their friends back home. I liked the fact that it was these three old men swimming in the pool when they realized the pool was saving their friend's life. The life force in the pool was drained and then the aliens had to have help putting their friends back into the ocean where they had been for years. I also liked the fact that Atlantis was the aliens base a long time ago. Right before it sank. Would I recommend this movie? Of course I would. I enjoyed it and I hope you will too.

Recently I watched the movie Slither. OMG! WHAT AN AWESOME MOVIE! It was creepy and a little scary, but mainly creepy. I loved the worm things. I also liked the idea that they made the people into what looked like zombies. I thought that was freaking awesome. I also thought that at the end when he blew up that was freaking awesome! Would I recommend this movie? YES! I SURE WOULD! You should rent this movie or go get it, but i wouldn't watch it with your children. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 17!

Recently I got the Crocodile Hunter Collision Course. It was a funny movie. This was made before Steve Irwin died. I loved the Crocodile Hunter. I loved the show. He did so many things with so many animals. I'm not as brave as he was, but it made me want to learn more about animals. At the time of the show my favorite animal was the wolf. I wanted to study the wolves and even live with them. Anyway, I thought the movie was really great to watch. Even my little girl was watching it and loved it. She loves animals so I'm not surprised to see her laugh at the movie or just fix her eyes on the movie. I really enjoyed this movie that I had to watch it again. I miss Steve Irwin. Would I recommend this movie? YES I WOULD! So go out and buy it or rent it or borrow it from someone you know. It will make you laugh. I swear it will.

I recently watched BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and I have to say this movie is hilarious. I didn't think a movie could be so amazing and hilarious at the same time. Kurt Reynolds is great in this movie. I love the fact that it is about a truck driver who is in the wrong place at the right time. LOL. It is a great movie. However, I would not recommend you watch this with your little ones. There is too much language, but it sure is funny. WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE? Heck yes I would only if you were to watch this alone. That's it for my reviews for this week. Come back next week for reviews on TRUE LIES, FULL METAL JACKET, MAJOR LEAGUE and many more!

Alessa's Weekly Reviews  

This is the first issue of Alessa's Weekly Reviews. In this issue you will see reviews of Horton hears a who, Big trouble in little china an...

Alessa's Weekly Reviews  

This is the first issue of Alessa's Weekly Reviews. In this issue you will see reviews of Horton hears a who, Big trouble in little china an...