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Designing an effective conservation offset system Dr. Vic Adamowicz

Dr. Vic Adamowicz is a resource economist whose work is informing the conservation offset discussion in Alberta. He is examining the public acceptance of conservation offsets, the challenges of offset design on private and public lands, and the design of an efficient regulatory framework to support an offset system. His research integrates economic, social and environmental values to predict how individuals, companies, and the economy as a whole, will respond to different regulatory and incentive systems. Vic is widely respected for his research on ecosystem services and has been instrumental in helping to integrate

environmental values into land use decisions. Vic’s team is also: • Identifying the most cost effective way to achieve conservation objectives for caribou and other threatened species • Integrating multiple services - such as wetlands, carbon and habitat for endangered species - into environmental valuation

By conducting economic analyses of different offset systems, we can understand the benefits and costs of various options.

• Comparing the economic value of the ecosystem services arising from different forest and resource management alternatives UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA, FACULTY OF AGRICULTURAL, LIFE & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES


ACRRE - Building on Diverse Expertise  

The proposed Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology – ACRRE – aims to build on the diverse expertise of University of Albert...

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