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Prioritizing restoration efforts Dr. Scott Nielsen

If you have limited restoration and conservation dollars, where should you spend them?

Dr. Scott Nielsen is developing sciencebased tools that help managers prioritize restoration efforts in areas that provide the greatest ecological benefit, for the lowest possible cost. With a focus on restoration of legacy well pads and seismic lines, his team of students uses LiDAR imagery, rare species data, bitumen value, cost of restoration/km and many more factors to produce landscape scale plans that achieve the greatest conservation impact, within a specified budget. Scott’s approach considers social and economic factors as well as conservation values, and his research is helping conserve Alberta’s natural biodiversity.



Scott’s team is also: • Creating maps and models that will help inform efficient conservation planning • Predicting habitats where rare plants may be located in order to streamline operational planning and conserve important habitats • Investigating grizzly bear habitat enhancements, such as thinning mature forest stands or planting fruiting shrubs as part of forest regeneration plans

ACRRE - Building on Diverse Expertise  

The proposed Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology – ACRRE – aims to build on the diverse expertise of University of Albert...

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