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Rebooting soil processes

Dr. Sylvie Quideau

Dr. Sylvie Quideau is investigating how natural and reclaimed soils function, in order to restore the soil processes that ecosystems depend on. Her team is developing indicators of reclamation success by determining appropriate benchmarks for nutrient cycling and biodiversity in reclaimed soils.

and is helping us to better understand the long-term viability of reclaimed soils.

One of their key methods uses stable isotopes to track nutrients as they flow from newly established plants into the soil communities and back to the plants, in order to determine that sustainable nutrient cycling has been restored.

• Monitoring the movement of water and the retention of nutrients in sandy soils where the two are in short supply

Sylvie’s research is creating knowledge of soil functioning in natural landscapes,

Sylvie’s team is also: • Studying how planting a mixture of species or applying native forest floor material to reclaimed sites can help reboot soil processes

We can’t rebuild the soils EXACTLY the way they were before mining, so we focus on the way they function, instead of what they look like.

• Determining how changes in vegetation affect soil carbon storage and how this might be influenced by climate change



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