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Testing the long-term feasibility of end pit lakes Dr. Tariq Siddique

We’re explaining the chemical and biological processes occurring in tailings ponds so industry can develop effective treatment strategies.

Dr. Tariq Siddique and his colleagues are examining end pit lakes as a final stage in the reclamation of tailings ponds. His team focuses on fundamental chemical and biological processes and aims to understand and predict how the components of tailings will react, disperse and settle. Specifically, they are looking at how microbial organisms digest residual hydrocarbons in mature fine tailings, and how this process might affect the quality of the overlying cap water in end pit lakes. Tariq researches the complete spectrum of environmental concerns related to



oil sands tailings and has contributed important breakthroughs to the field. Tariq’s team is also: • Complementing industry research on acid rock drainage with controlled laboratory experiments • Increasing water recovery from oil sands tailings by ‘feeding’ microbes agricultural by-products • Modeling greenhouse gas emissions from tailings ponds

ACRRE - Building on Diverse Expertise  

The proposed Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology – ACRRE – aims to build on the diverse expertise of University of Albert...