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Diverse Expertise The challenges of reclaiming industrial sites are diverse, and so are the researchers dedicated to the development of solutions in this field. The following individuals are each leading a highly-qualified team of technicians and graduate students, and are helping to build ACRRE at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Vic Adamowicz - Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Econometrics Dr. Glen Armstrong - Forest Management Dr. Erin Bayne - Conservation Biology Dr. Edward Bork - Mattheis Chair. Rangeland Ecology and Management Dr. Stan Boutin - Alberta Biodiversity Conservation Chair. Conservation Biology Dr. Peter Boxall - Environmental and Resource Economics Dr. Cameron Carlyle - Rangeland Ecology Dr. Scott Chang - Forest Soils and Nutrient Dynamics Dr. Evan Davies - Water Resources Engineering Dr. Miles Dyck - Soil Transport Processes in Managed and Reconstructed Ecosystems Dr. Nadir Erbilgin - Canada Research Chair. Forest Entomology and Chemical Ecology Dr. Robert Grant - Ecosystem Modeling

Dr. Lars Hallstrom - Environmental and Social Policy Dr. Glynnis Hood - Wetland Ecology Dr. Simon Landh채usser - NSERC Industrial Chair. Forest Land Reclamation and Applied Forest Ecology Dr. Victor Lieffers - Silviculture and Forest Ecology Dr. Marty Luckert - Forest Economics, Natural Resource Economics Dr. S. Ellen Macdonald - Forest Ecology and Plant Biodiversity Dr. M. Derek MacKenzie - Soil-Plant Relations Dr. Carl Mendoza - Wetland Hydrology and Reclamation Dr. M. Anne Naeth - Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology Dr. Scott Nielsen - Alberta Biodiversity Conservation Chair. Conservation Biology Dr. David Olefeldt - Wetland Ecology

Dr. Brenda Parlee - Canada Research Chair. Social Responses to Ecological Change Dr. Mark Poesch - Conservation Ecology Dr. Sylvie Quideau - Soil Biogeochemistry Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow - Wildlife and Landscape Ecology; Conservation Science Dr. William Shotyk - Agriculture and the Environment Dr. Tariq Siddique - Soil Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology Dr. Uldis Silins - Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management Dr. Emilson Silva - Environmental and Energy Policy Dr. Vincent L. St. Louis - Hydrology and Pollution Biology Dr. Barb Thomas - NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Tree Improvement Dr. Janusz Zwiazek - Plant Physiology



ACRRE - Building on Diverse Expertise  

The proposed Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology – ACRRE – aims to build on the diverse expertise of University of Albert...