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Linking indigenous and scientific knowledge to better understand ecological changes Dr. Brenda Parlee

There is little scientific data about caribou prior to the 1950’s, but indigenous people have been systematically monitoring them for generations.


Dr. Brenda Parlee’s team of researchers, and network of community knowledge keepers, is bringing together First Nations traditional knowledge and scientific data to understand the impact of development on northern ecosystems and communities.

Brenda’s community-based approach to the study of ecological changes resulting from resource development is creating a collaborative learning environment in place of conflict and criticism.

Her team is linking oral histories from Dene elders with trample scar data from tundra tree roots. This information is then used to map patterns of caribou movements and will help tease apart changes that have occurred in the last 150 years.

• Studying the challenges of a multijurisdictional approach to managing resource development


Brenda’s team is also:

• Working with a circumpolar research network that includes Greenland, Russia, Alaska and Europe

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