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INT. Studio Flat – Night Apartment completely black – newspaper coats the windows. KIM SEUNG, TED CADET, and NEIL BOCH slouch in their seats, with only the blue glow from their monitors illuminating their faces. Flashing LED lights blink on the floor. Kim, the astute South Korean clad in black leather, types incredibly fast. Ted and Neil are throwing their own party. Ted, slouched on a dilapidated couch is adjacent to Neil on a roller chair. Both are drunk. BOCH You about done securing that proxy server Kim? (flips around on chair) SEUNG I’m just typing the five-thousand lines of code to breach the protocol for overwriting the hypertext while you two become inebriated. CADET Well then quit yer bitchin’ –hic- and grab a brewsky! (holds out fresh bottle) Nothin’ gets my tail going quite like coding on a buzz. Once in college I tripped balls on acid and the binary started toBOCH Would you fucking shut up and set that down? Don’t disturb the Machine at her work. CADET Ah…Alright. Let ‘er rip. SEUNG I’ll take offense to being called a machine over a bitch. A bitch can at least think for itself. CADET (Laughs) But you do know who’s the master of both bitch and machine.

(points to self) Right here.

[Awkward silence]

BOCH Alright, since this work of art is almost done, what are we naming her? CADET I don’t know, it seems she prefers the title Bitch. SEUNG Why does it have to be a “her” anyways? A female couldn’t be responsible for such destruction. ……(chuckles) BOCH How about IWON: Internet Wipe Out Network. SEUNG I thinkCADET I think I got it! (leans over, vigorously typing) Yes, yes, yes, yes. This is going to be beautiful. BOCH (Chuckles) Well are you going to…um.. -burp- tell us what the fuck you’re doing before it becomes permanent? CADET Pfffft, you think I’d ruin the surprise? No way. Just wait you cranky bastard, you’re ALMOST a child of my age so you SHOULD be able to appreciate this.

BOCH Fuck you… you could be my son if I was able to get any in high school. SEUNG I’m finished! Throw me one of those carbonated piss bottles. BOCH Well that’d be my pleasure, pretty thing, but Cadet seems to be closest to those piss bottles. CADET NOW she wants one, jeez. (throws a bottle terribly inaccurate and it smashes) Hehe, whoops. Good thing we’re not payin’ rent. (hands new bottle)

Hacked final script  
Hacked final script  

final script for a scene