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Alejandra Danielle Poujol Portfolio 2012 Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Mexico City Cathedral -Dec 2011

“Architecture is the masterly, correct & magnificent play of masses brought together in light. Our eyes are made to see forms in light; light & shade reveal these forms; (...) the image of these is distinct & tangible within us without ambiguity. It is for this reason that these are beautiful forms, the most beautiful forms.� Le Corbusier

Rio Velo de Novia, Valle de Bravo - Dec 2011

ENDS 105 Design Foundations I - Fall 2010 An introduction into the world of design and architecture. Basic problems were given so that students can begin with the creative problem solving.

Micro-dwelling ENDS 105 When we say that a design is a micro-dwelling, we mean that it only has, what are considered, the basic necessities for a place of residence. The challenge in this project was to create a client and discover what he/she would consider a necessity. Set in Vancouver, Canada, by the Capilano Lake, this house is designed to allow great views from the lake and surrounding areas. The microdwelling features a complete bathroom, a kitchen set and a loft. The dining and living areas can be set up in the atrium created by the loft. In order to be properly heated, the bedroom has a fireplace and the house itself would have geothermal heat.

ADA Lake House ENDS 105 This project was an introduction to the ADA guidelines. As part of the challenge, the design had to allow the client, who was on a wheelchair, move freely in his house. The concepts were to create a sense of destination with a veiw to the lake, as well as to allow the client to entertain guests. These spaces allow for the ease of movement with or without guests. The minimal amount of corridors help with movement as well. Orientation on site allows for optimal light in public areas, as well as in the private sections of the house.

Inspiration and ideas The idea of uniting the living/dining room with the kitchen came form a personal experience. In my family, whenever we had guests over we enjoyed being in the kitchen. Most of the time our parties or reunions revolved around something happening in the kitchen. By making these two rooms an entity, the entertainment of both rooms is facilitated.

The house has two bedrooms, each with their full bathroom. One of these bathrooms has a door which allows acces through the public areas. The living/dining room is a large open space. It is annexed to the kitchen. The kitchen is wide and fully equipped to handle large crowds.

ENDS 106 Design Foundations II - Spring 2011 This studio helped me discover what my own design process is. We encountered several projects that requiered different forms of thought processes. I would say that the previous studio gave us the foundation and this studio gave us the structure to our own path as architects.

Imperfect Cube ENDS 106 There are many ways to create/design a cube. For this project, my concept was to show that a creative thought can grow and develop in any type of environment. I used natural elements to symbolize how organic a ideas is. The cube is the rigid world, filled with rules and regulations. Inside of it, an idea can still grow. Once it has grown it can break free form rules or create a structure of its own. This is shown when a branch substitues a structural side of the cube, while still breaking the linear aspect of the cube.

ARCH 205 Architectural Design I - Fall 2011

View of Main Entrance from SE corner

North Main Community Center Arch 205 Community Center with a focus on elderly activities. Set in Downtown-Historic Bryan, Texas. The design concept was to “bring nature into the urban context�. Another focus was to reduce the amount of energy necessary for the building. Elements such as the courtyard, the greenhouse and living walls were used to bring nature into the building. The roof shapes allow for soft light from the North to illuminate rooms, therefore reducing electrical costs.

Entrance to Courtyard

The center was created with the elderly citizens and their family in mind. Having a corridor that is easily accessed, as well as used, permits a “circuit� in which the clients can excercise. There is a carport for easy dropoff with a covered access to the main entrance.

The greenhouse serves as a therapeutic outlet for people and also functions as a pathway into the main part of the building thus making the greenhouse the central or core component of this design.

All photoghraps used were taken by Alejandra Poujol.

Portfolio 2012  

2012 Portfolio Alejandra Poujol. Texas A&M