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Alejandra Danielle Poujol


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ENDS 105

Micro Dwelling Behavioral Setting Industrial Design

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Light studies Charcoal Portraits

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ENDS 115

Biography & Creative Origin


ENDS 105 Design Foundations I

Micro Dwelling



The requirements for this project were to have minimal footprint and to include, what we considered necessary amenities. Sited in Vancouver, BC. The focus of the design was to create a destination of the social aspects of a home, in this case the living/dining area. A narrow & dim entrance entices people pass through and continue towards a lit & open atrium. The atrium permitted the creation for a bedroom loft.

Behavioral Setting



The project needed to fulfill ADA requirements. To facilitate movement I reduced the amount of corridors needed for the communication between spaces.The social aspects of the structure were given importance in hierarchy. The openness and easy access between the dining, kitchen, and living room.

Industrial Design



Social experiment. This piece of furniture can be anything the user wants it to be. It works as a shelving system, a stand, a bench and as temporary storage. What makes this piece interesting is how it was pieced together. The joints needed to work in a certain way for the whole structure to be stabilized. Also, the order in which each individual piece was inserted into their respective notches was crucial.

ENDS 115 Design Communication Foundation I

Light Study



Charcoal Portraits


Biography & Creative Origin

12 Design has always been part of my life, since the large building blocks I got one Christmas to LEGOs I experimented with the creation objects and spaces. I took a drafting class, which helped me understand space. My art class with architect Otilio Peña helped me perfect drafting, perspectives drawing & watercoloring skills. I attended the “Summer of Architecture” offered at University of Texas. Michael Smith, an Austin-based architect, was my instructor. Here I truly experienced the design process. Drafting and model masking became a huge part of my summer and I loved every moment of it.


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