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OLD PEOPLE THROUGH THE EYES OF YOUTH 1) We asked 260 pupils from our school to draw their ideas about old age. Most of them drew their Grandma and Grandpa. Here you can see the most interesting pictures. What do 6 year old Andrew and 15 year old Daniel think about old age? Grandpa is first!

I am tired.

2) Next we asked pupils to write what they think about old people. Most of them wrote about their good and bad experience, some wrote fairy-tales, fiction or rhymes. Class 9B wrote essays and later they tried to write fiction. Here you can read often used statements. What do you think? Write 3 if you 100% agree and 0 if you absolutely disagree. Compare your opinion with your friends.

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statement To be a pensioner and old is not easy. Old people are criticizing others and everything. Teenagers do not respect old people and are rude. Old people do not like teenagers and do not respect them. Old people are nice and ready to help to little children. Old people are ill. Old people do not have a lot of money. Old people do not throw things away. Old people love their grandchildren. Old people are patient. Old people often buy cheap things on sales. Old people have a boring life; they sit at home and watch TV or read newspaper. Old people do not understand young generation and modern things. Teenagers do not let older people to sit in public transport. Old people make young people to let them sit and they forger to say “please�. Old people are active, have temporary jobs, visit theatre, hike and have hobbies. Young people help the others, for example to carry heavy bags or to clean. Old people do not care of hygiene. Young generation must be patient with the old ones, one day we will be old too. Respect and love your parents and grandparents, old people die and then it is late.


3) Prepare a questionnaire about old age, work in a small group. You can also try to draw a picture or write essay or a fiction about old age.


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You complete me student book project outcome diversity textbook  

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