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Alena Holasova, ZŠ a MŠ Ostrava-Zábřeh, Kosmonautů 15, Czech Republic Edyta Ostrowska, Zespół Szkół Samorządowych, Ełk, Poland Lýdia Rezničáková, Spojená škola, Partizánska 2, Poprad, Slovakia Zdeňka Třosová, ZŠ a MŠ Ostrava - Hrabůvka, A.Kučery 20, Czech Republic This project is for those who want to do some useful, creative and funny activities with pupils during Christmas season. It is for all age groups of pupils because all of them love Christmas holidays. Pupils from Ostrava, Ełk worked from 4th December 2012 to 20th January 2013. More information and photos are on Class 5.A from Kosmonautů 15 in Ostrava created and illustrated Maths tasks, drew circles and made pictures with a snowman, solved tasks created by themselves and the other Ostrava school. Pupils visited the partner school in Ostrava and organized a project day at the swimming pool at Alberta Kučery school. Pupils also played Christmas Maths game and puzzles created by the partner from Poprad. They made a cover and collected all the Maths tasks into a book, and published all the tasks on the Internet. Some of the pictures and tasks were used for creating electronic Christmas postcards. Pupils also prepared a Christmas concert in folklore costumes to introduce Czech Christmas tradition to the partner schools. They also sent Christmas postcards to pupils in Poprad. Class 8.B from Kosmonautů 15 in Ostrava created and illustrated Maths tasks on Pythagoras theorem, solved tasks created by themselves and pupils from the fifth grade. They translated the tasks and typed them. Some of the pictures and tasks were used for creating electronic Christmas postcards. They also baked hazelnut rolls together and made pancakes. Their project day was held in the new interactive museum World of techniques which is placed in the former ironworks of Ostrava Vítkovice steel factory. During the project day, they took part in lecture “Math in everyday life”. Class 2.A and 3.A from Poprad solved Maths games created by their teacher. Their teacher used Christmas pictures made by the pupils. They also made 3D cards with angels and send them to Ostrava. They learnt how to make the Maths games and used also a picture made by Ostrava pupil in their game. Finally, their teacher made a puzzle from all pictures drawn during the project by Slovak pupils. Pupils from class 6.A (primary school) and 2.A (high school) from Ełk made electronic Christmas postcards sang carols and baked together. They made video with carol Jingle bells and publish it on their websites. Then they organized solved Maths tasks from Ostrava schools. Next they wrote letters to Ostrava. Finally they organized Skype conference with class 8.B – they sang together and talked about their hobbies. Class 5.A from Alberta Kučery school in Ostrava organized project meeting with pupils from Kosmonautů 15 school, they created and illustrated Maths tasks and exchanged them with the other Ostrava school. They also made a Math game and finally they organized a project day with class 5.A from Kosmonautů school at their swimming pool.

Christmas postcards  

etwinning mini project December 2012

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