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Entity Control Board Chair December 2018 - July 2019

As we are getting more and more into the Value Delivery Peak for our products, we want to ensure our exchanges have a high quality at the same time that we follow XPPs and we evolve our operations. But, most importantly, this is a position where you are going to work as ECB Chair for AIESEC in Denmark, being able to develop your skills in a multicultural and positive working place. Do you feel it? It is us, looking for you! Do you hear it? It is the scream inside of you telling you “Are you going to close this without applying?� See you on board!

5TH NOV Application Launched

12TH NOV Deadline for applications

12TH - 15TH NOV Interviews

16TH NOV Announcement


AIESEC IN DENMARK ALL APPLICATIONS MUST INCLUDE - Motivation for applying: Why do you want to be ECB Chair in AIESEC in Denmark? - CV (maximum 2 pages, English) - Questions: (Answer all of them) 1) How does your experience qualify you to be ECB Chair for AIESEC Denmark 18- 19? What would be your unique contribution? 2) What working environment do you envision and what would you prefer? 3) How will you ensure that the standards are fulfilled and that we increase our conversion from #FIN to #CO?

ECB CHAIR Profile (preferred) - From the @DK Plenary - LCVP or higher - 6 months minimum in AIESEC - Experience in an exchange area - Responsibilities and KPIs, unlike the rest of the positions, are in the Global Compendium, Article 3.7. You can find it: “Entity Control Board (ECB) is the last decision making body on national level in regards to Exchange policies and entity standard regulation principles. A division, working directly with its MC, ICB & FB to ensure that the best Standard and Customer Experience is delivered to every customer and stakeholder in each entity.�

Measure of Success: - +70% Finished to Completed - No Quality Cases

Accountable to: - MCP



What are we looking for? Commitment: the position is a key point for the different areas and the person in charge of the position must be someone committed to delivering the best for AIESEC in Denmark.

Passion: it is not only about delivering, but enjoying each step of the way. ECB Chair position is a space where you can shine in the areas which you rock and we are ready to support and help you to do it





Alex Sola, MCVP TM & OD, Feel free to approach us:

Impact: if you are not ready to give your best, if

- MCP: Juan Manuel Marfil,

you are not ready to be the best in the position

- MCVP OGX & B2C: Daria Butiu,

you are thinking about applying, please don´t go

- MCVP ICX: Aditya Tarale,

if you really are willing to learn, fail and unleash your potential , this is your place. for it. But,

- MCVP PD: Agnes Agada, - MCVP TM & OD: Alex Sola,

ECB Chair AIESEC in Denmark  
ECB Chair AIESEC in Denmark