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FROM A to Z‌ By: Alejandra Alvarez Granados

A: Stand to ale because that´s my name and I really like so much. Also likes the name my dad since he chose. I just like Ale but I do not like Alejandra because my mom tells me so when this angry and scolds me much. Also my favorite fruit is the apple red because it reminds me of the movie Snow White is the most delicious and nutritious fruit.

E: 

My platonic love Edward Cullen is because I really like his movies like the books but I prefer not to read.


I love Edward and I have in my room a lot of pictures of Edward and all are different but my brother broke a picture but no matter because I have many more.

T: My favorite band rock the 80's is The Beatles since he was 10 when my grandfather listened to this band and also my dad then I really liked and that's my favorite band. I also really like all the songs they did when they were released worldwide.

L: 

Lady gaga is my inspiration because through her ​songs she taught us that we must pursue our dreams, to love as we are and that nothing important is not what you really like and you love like music or sports .I also really like his music and one of my dreams is to attend their concerts and just take lots of pictures with she.

P: 

Paul McCartney is my favorite singer man because I like all your songs. I know most of his life and also think it's a very handsome man even if 69 years now, but it is one of the greatest singers around the world and that makes me euphoria, excitement and one of my favorite songs is Yesterday, Get Back, Band on the Run, etc.

I: My favorite hero is Iron Man because it has everything a woman could ever want. Have cars, money, fame, power, but more importantly it is very handsome and has a great personality and is unique, and also has fun but the team never does to anyone. Even in the movie The Avengers had to deal with other superheroes. But nevertheless it is definite that I really like Iron Man

V: 

The Vodka is one of the drinks that I enjoy drinking, because I like to drink at parties, meetings, or just having a good time with friends. I like to accompany it with grape juice, I think is the best but has side effects. Normally when I drink vodka the next day I have a headache very thirsty but I got used.

Z: 

One of my favorite animals is the zebra. It has a combination of black and white really looks great and is the only animal that has these two colors together.


I also believe that color exists because there are zebra clothing, shoes, and bags with this combination of black and white.

F: 

Facebook is the web page that I like besides Twitter because I'm always connected either morning, afternoon or evening. I like it because I can post things and talk to my friends.


In addition to handsome men I know and also for singles and Facebook have had many parties and romantic dates

S: 

Sponge Bob Square Pants is one of my favorite cartoons of my childhood because I like having adventures with his best friend Patrick and I also love how Squidward is always upset with all.


I saw your movie a hundred times and still love me and when I get to school I always do the job quickly to see SpongeBob daily chapters.

H: 

There's something I do not like and is the homework because teachers sometimes leave us a lot of homework and projects and that means you do not have much time for socializing.


But there are many tasks that are fun like the kind of English that are very interesting and I can say I learned a lot in little time with my Teacher Gloria.


Is a great teacher and at the same time we learn we had fun because we do different activities.

M: 

Music is one of the things I love most in life, because it gives me great joy, excitement, sadness, but more important is that everyone likes. I like many genres like Rock, Metal, Screamo and more.

When I'm sad I get to dance with the songs of my role is Lady Gaga

and I feel much better :DD

D:  Dance, an art for me is whether any kind but

from little my mom took me to ballet classes and was too cute but due to time constraints I had to leave my classes.  I like to dance any kind of music but I have no experience in Ballet

Y:  YouTube is the website that I like music videos, news, funny,

scary and in general. I also believe that helps me a lot YouTube for many tasks or issues that do not understand. In YouTube I can see all kinds of music and download the videos that I like and want. The downside is that it is difficult at the time of discharge because it never comes out.

My beautiful homework  
My beautiful homework  

This is my homework of English, is a small personal project and I hope you like