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4 Tips For Writing Articles With High CTR One important thing that every single affiliate marketer who uses article marketing for their products or services has to understand is the importance of their article click thru rate (CTR). In layman’s terms, a high article CTR for you would mean a high rate of success with readers opting to click on your resource box links at the end of your article.

The higher the numbers of readers clicking on your resource box after your article, the higher your article CTR! High Article CTRs translate into increased viewers to your website which, more often than not, is half the work of successfully selling your product. With the above in mind therefore, as an article marketer, your aim is not only to increase the number of readers of each of your particular articles. Your aim is also to increase the number of readers that click on your resource box after each of your particular articles. That is exactly the high article CTR that we are talking about. You need to let go of pumping out thousands of articles onto the directories with the hopes that they will be clicked. Instead, what you should be doing is beginning to write what we call the ‘moth to a flame articles.’ The only way that you are going to be able to generate high CTR articles is if you understand the parties involved. The product/service that you are selling and the consumer that you want to sell it to. Without knowing both these ends explicitly, whatever article you are going to write will just be for leisure reading and not for driving people to your product.

Here are 4 useful tips that work as good as gold when it comes to writing High CTR articles: 1. Provide Useful Information So many people who want to gain High CTR’s have heard it time and again that content is king and they are tiring of hearing it. Many aspects in SEO writing may be changing but that is one area that can never ever change. So before you even type one word, make sure that you are giving useful information. 2. Identify A Perfect Niche If you have a perfect understanding of your customer and the product that you are trying to sell, identify a perfect niche that you can write an article on that will combine both. Find the flame that will attract the moths. There is one tactic that has always worked in finding a flame that no moth can ignore; creation. There are some things that have been written on over and over again. If you want to write a High CTR article then just write on something that nobody else has. One good advice can be to simply look out for unanswered questions in your line of business. If you have ever searched for something on Google for example and couldn’t find it, then that is what you should write on. You will, through your article, have answered a question that nobody else has. Relating it to your product will drive in the final click. 3. Choose Your Angle There are so many gurus on the internet but why should somebody choose you over another? The trick to this is to be unique. Choose the angle that you are going to use for your articles well. There is never a need to be cliché. Instead, stand out from the crowd for something in particular. Maybe your articles are always witty on a grave subject or maybe they are always informative in the simplest manner. Choose an angle and stick to it. 4. Use Powerful Headlines, Tags, and Calls To Action If a book is sold based on the attractiveness of its cover, your title surely does the same for your article. The best way to find this title should be to first think of what the consumer would type if he were to search for your article. Once you have a short list,

choose the best one and put a bit of flare into it. Assuming that you are keen on marketing your articles, this is neither the first guide, nor the last, that you will be reading on how to best go about it. You have therefore already stumbled upon the following but it always pays to keep them fresh in your mind: * Spelling and grammar must be perfect * Avoid over stuffing of your ‘precious’ keywords * Use a natural tone that will come across as a personal message to your reader. No need for complicated jargon that comes across as a difficult read which requires too much concentration. Alek Stanojevic Internet Marketing Blog

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Writing Articles With High CTR  
Writing Articles With High CTR  

The only way that you are going to be able to generate high CTR articles is if you understand the parties involved. The product/service that...