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Delagates Booklet

What is NatCo? NatCo is the biggest national conference in AIESEC Serbia that gathers all our members like team members, leaders, Alumnus and internationals that care about themselves and making a positive impact on society all in one place. You’ll have the chance to meet new people, learn and develop yourself and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Why should I come? This NatCo’s conference team is working hard on making sure you have an unforgettable experience and providing a healthy learning environment where you will work together with more than 200 people to achieve a common goal.

Is it all work and no play? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The FACIs of this conference are working on sessions that will prepare and provide the needed leadership development our delegates will need while the OC is going to make sure that you get the needed relaxation, comfort and fun you need after your sessions. All this together, we believe, is going to motivate you as delegates to move forward in AIESEC and later on, in life. So no, it’ not all work and no play.

Conference Manager Dear friends, With extreme excitement I would like to invite you all to join us at NatCo 103rd! As AIESEC Serbia, we believe that the answer to many of the world’s challenges is better leadership and we are ready to continue in full speed and develop the next generation of leaders with the right set of skills and values that are making an obvious difference in the Serbian society. Because of this your OC and FACI team is driven by purpose and is giving their best to be a team which will be remembered for making this conference unforgettable for you! This year, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in one of three tracks: TMP, TLP or EB. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of a dynamic, collaborative and impactful environment which will achieve great things together, as one team of AIESEC Serbia! Let’s make AIESEC Serbia remembered for the delivery of, more than ever before, quality leadership development in every experience! So it is up to you, what will YOU be remembered for?

A word from our LCP Dear delegates, First of all, I’d like to tell you something about the history of our LC. We’ve existed for 21 years and we changed our name 3 times. We were LC BK, then LC Alfa and currently, we’re the proud LC Singidunum. This is the first time we have the honor to organize NatCo as LC Singidunum and we’re very proud of that because the last time our entity organized NatCo was when we were LC Alfa for NatCo 97th. We selected the best of the best to be part of the OC to ensure that you as delegates enjoy NatCo to the maximum. I look forward to seeing all the new faces, internationals and locals, working on developing themselves and using the skills they gain and perfect at NatCo in their everyday lives. As my LCP term is coming to an end, I’m extremely glad that it’s ending with me being part of the LC that is organizing NatCo 103rd. I hope many of you will apply and take this amazing journey with LC Singidunum and the OC team of NatCo 103rd and see you at NatCo.

Milan Rakonjac

OC Word Dear delegates, As you know, or may not know, NatCo is the biggest national conference that happens twice a year and LC Singidunum has the honor of organizing the 103rd National Conference. Come to NatCo and strive to be the best by day and look forward to being the worst at night. Get out of your comfort zone and let us, hand in hand, build something that future generations will talk about. Apply now and ask yourself what will YOU be remembered for.

Meet the OC TEAM Ivana MIjatovic VP Delegates Servicing

Aleksandar Sofranic VP Design and IT

Dunia Sweidan VP Special Events

Mladen Radosavljevic OCP

Stefan \Stojkovic VP finances

Safet Isljami VP Logistics and Raising

FACI TEAM Jelena Radović Conference Manager MC VP TM

Martina Djokić MC VP PR-M

Arun Nair TMP track Agenda Manager MC VP iGIP

Petar Atanasovski MC VP GCDPi MCP elect

Mihailo Pantić TLP track Agenda Manager MC VP LCD

Miona Cvetković MC VP BD

Aleksa Nikolić EB track Agenda Manager MCP

Stanislava Marojevic MC VP LCD elect

Anita Živković MC VP TM elect

Vladimir Bujošević MC VP oGIP elect

Ana Milkić MC VP F elect

Aleksa Mitrović MC VP F

Marija Milanović MC VP BD elect

Jovana Paljić MC VP OGX

? Chair ? Nevena Majstorović MC VP oGCDP elect

Sofija Dončevski MC VP iGIP elect

Welcome to Kladovo Kladovo is a small town at the very East of Serbia, which is more and more visited by tourists eager to discover the beauties of this region, to feel the magic of the intact, the power of the Danube and hospitality of the locals.

Hotel Djerdap It is located on the Danube River bank very close to the cultural and historic monuments such as Diana, Pontes, Fetislam and the Trojan's table. Also there is the Djerdap hydroelectric power station. The hotel is consisted of 400 beds in suites, double-bedded and single bedded- rooms, a restaurant, a TV room, an open-air summer terrace overlooking the Danube, a conference hall, and a congress hall with a possibility of simultaneous translating.

Team Member Track This track is for all AIESEC members who decided to take responsibility and be active team members in the next period in our organization. It is also open for international delegates that have the same role in their LCs. Through this track delegates will get the needed knowledge about the leadership our society needs and in what way we are developing those kinds of leaders with the right set of skills and values through their AIESEC experience. Aside from that, delegates will also understand the importance of team work in creating experiences for others and will be provided with the right motivation and knowledge about managing themselves in order to become the leaders our world need.

Team Leader track This track is for all AIESEC members who decided to take responsibility and become active team leaders in the next period in our organization. It is also open for international delegates who have the role of team leaders or members of the executive board in their LCs. Through this track, delegates will get the knowledge about the leadership our society needs and in what way we are developing those kinds of leaders with the right set of skill and values through their AIESEC experience. Furthermore, delegates will understand the role of responsible and entrepreneurial team leaders and will learn how to be emotionally intelligent leaders; to manage and create a strong and effective teams.

Developing Leaders Day We are living in an environment in which little is certain, the tempo is quicker, and the dynamics are more complex. Because of this, three essentials for leaders in the 21st century is to have business framework, conceptual skills and human skills. The idea behind this amazing event, that is being organized for the seventh time and taking place on Friday 25th of April, is to bring managers from companies into the center of the largest gathering of AIESEC members and to provide a learning environment for leadership development and to connect our two national partners and our members. The experience that our members come across while working with top managers provides them with an added value and trains them to act in the right way when surrounded by a dynamic professional setting. We want to provide our members with the opportunity to be in this unique atmosphere and to together develop new kind of leadership that our society needs. Use this opportunity wisely!

Party themes InterNatConal

Let’s celebrate diversity and live the spirit of the 2014 World Cup together. For this party, delegates will have to paint their faces in a certain country’s flag. When you apply, you will get details about the country we’ve selected for you and all you need to do is paint your face and wear clothes with that country’s flag colours and you’re good to go!

Carnival Colours, colours, colours EVERYWHERE! For this party wear your brightest colours and feel the summer and carnival sensation with us. Girls, put on your brightest and craziest jewelry, feathers and different coloured beads to match your outfit. The Great Gatsby party is a party where can travel back in time and party like they did in the 1920’s. Guys, put on your crisp white shirts and your silk ties and girls, put on your favorite cocktail dress and your mother’s pearls and let’s go back in time and party like they did in the 19s20’s.

Angels and Devil In honor of LC Singidunum’s motto “best by day, worst by night”, this party is all about getting in touch with your inner angel or devil. Guys and girls who want to be dressed as angels should wear white clothes and preferably get a halo while girls and guys who want to be dressed as devils should wear red or black clothes and get horns. Bring out the angel and devil inside of you and party hard!

Preparation for the conference

Get your own mugs – since one of the AIESEC values is Acting Sustainably, we won’t have plastic cups or mugs to give the delegates so get your own mug if you want to have your daily coffee or tea Prepare your LCs roll call choreography and music, and don’t forget your LCs shout too! Note Dress code Don’t forget your ID cards and passports DLD – dress code: casual elegant Bring your medicine and everything you need for your health Gala dinner – formal wear Parties – theme party clothes

Aplication fees Local taxes – to avoid paying local taxes, get a confirmation from your university that youre a regular student there. If you don’t get this confirmation, you will have to pay the local taxes.

Kladovo, April 23 to 27

Conferencee Fee = 18€ (accomodation per day) +8€ (organization costs) = 80€

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Now the question is What will YOU be rememberd for?

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