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Wallet(s) (m)










Changing Room(s)


Purse(s) (f)

Ways to pay




Credit card(s) Debit Card

Banknote(s) (bill)

Make up , soap medicines : Chemist's

Ladies Clothing: Shop or Boutique

Mens Clothing : Shop or Tailor's

Tennis, shoes : Shoe Shop or Cobbler's Jeweller's Tv , radios etc : Electrical Store

Toys : Toy Shop or Toy Store

Cds : Record Shop

Books: Book Shop

newspapers, magazines, sweets/candy, etc : Newsagent's

tools and equipment for the house and garden/yard : Ironmonger's Glasses and lenses : Optician's articles for sewing, for example, needles, pins, cotton and buttons :Haberdasher's


Fishmonger's Greengrocer's Baker's Delicatessen



Post Office

Finding a Shop Questions •

Opening Hours Questions

Can you recommend a good

What time do you open, please?

toy/clothes shop?

What time do you close, please?

Is there a chemists/supermarket in the

What are your opening hours?


Are you open all day?

Where can I get toothpaste/pet food?

Are you open on Sundays?

Where's the nearest shopping centre?

Answers/Comments Answers/Comments • •

There's a really good bookshop just around the corner.

You can buy that here in the hotel.

The best toy shop is in the shopping centre.

The nearest one is a few miles away.

We're open 24/7. (24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

We're closed at lunchtime, between 12 and 2pm.

We're open from 9am till 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Shopping for Clothes Questions

Paying Questions

Could you help me, please?

Do you take credit cards?

Could you tell me where the

Do you give credit?

................ department is?

Do you have a loyalty card?

Excuse me, I'm looking for a .......... .

Does it have a warranty?

Is there somewhere I can try this on,

Can I pay by cheque?


Do you offer a cash discount?

Does it suit me?

Could I have a VAT receipt, please?

Do you have this in a (larger/smaller

Could I leave my bags here and pick them up later?

size) (different colour), please? •

Do you do alterations?

Do you have a refund policy?

Is this in the sale?


Answers/Comments •

We take all the major credit cards.

We only accept cheques with a cheque card.

It's too long / short.

It's too tight / loose.

The ladies / gents changing rooms

Sorry, no.

are over there.

Yes, certainly.

You can bring it back and exchange it or get a refund within 2 weeks if you keep the receipt.

We are offering 6 months free credit with no deposit.

Using 's When we talk about shops, we often put an 's on the end. For example, "I'm going to the chemist's / greengrocer's / butcher's / baker's / newsagent's / fishmonger's/ optician's." We don't use an 's with these shops: supermarket, hardware store, petrol station, department store. What the shopkeeper says "I'm sorry, we're out of stock." "I'm sorry, that's the last one." "I'm sorry, that's all we have left."

What a sales person says "Can I help you?" "Are you looking for anything in particular?"

Your reply "I'm just looking, thank you." "I'm just browsing, thank you."

Asking about things "Do you have this in another size?" "Do you have this in another colour?" "Is this made of leather / silk / plastic‌?" "Does this come with a guarantee?" "Is this fully refundable?" "Can I bring this back if it's not the right size?" "Can I bring this back if it doesn't fit?" Paying – what the shopkeeper says "Do you have anything smaller?" (If you pay with a large denomination note.)

Paying – what you say "I'm sorry, I don't have any small change." "I don't have anything smaller." "Would you have change for this?" "Can I have the receipt, please?' "Can I pay by credit card?" "Can I pay in cash?" "Is this on sale?"


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