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Internship Portfolio

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Exchange Participants Portfolio AIESEC ITAM 2 0 1 2

Developed by The OGX Team AIESEC ITAM Rio Hondo No. 1 Col. Tizapán San Angel México D.F. C.P. 01080 Tel. 56.28.4000 ext. 1550

GREENWICH CONSULTING PORTUGAL Lisboa, PORTUGAL Learn the Greenwich Consulting philosophy and the work habits. Participate with solid analytical and problem solving skills in consulting projects, with the lead from more senior consultants. Support business development activities in terms in content development (overall documents and proposals).

Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios BRASIL Develop content based on Techsoup Brasil products and services. Manage ATN (Techsoup) social media. Manage Techsoup Brasil Community. Lauch Newsletters and press releases to Tehcsoupe mailing list.

Lead programmer for the iphone application of Kinwins, the motivation game. Participate in the development and testing of the Python API. Document system specification and designs for internal use.

Brainstorm for product idea. Plan, and create the software with fellow team members. Coding : (HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, Objective-C). Designing web and mobile apps.

.NET Developer: Function and module development, based on English specifications. SQL Server development: Query and stored procedure development, helping in 3rd level (technical) support of existing versions. Web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery development.

Oursky Limited HONG KONG Brainstorm for product idea. Plan, and create the software with fellow team members. Coding : (HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, Objective-C). Designing web and mobile apps.

Areva T&D SANTIAGO, CHILE Learning about Retail Banking working – Knowing our products, tracking operational systems, reporting and methodologies suggested by the Central Bank. Brazilian Economy – methodologies that affect retail sector, as gross domestic product. Using methods to elaborate forecasting from upcoming in global economy.

Hands- on Managment Consulting

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EGYPT Support consultants as well as project manager with analytical insights and findings from secondary research. Carry out secondary market research for different projects and determine outcomes and conclusions. Develop Project Case Studies for key company projects to be used for marketing. Pair up with the Director of Consulting Department in putting together a Consulting Tools Library.

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As a Research Analyst, you will be responsible for working with project teams to understand, refine and prioritize their research needs. You will then gather the necessary raw information using a broad spectrum of sources and will organize, analyze, and synthesize the findings into targeted, firm-formatted end products.

Support of the Purchasing for Central American & Caribbean Manager. Support for operative functions related to OC (purchasing requests) and SAP program. Support and follow-up in one of the minor purchasing projects.

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Based on precision tooling manufacturing and focus on highquality we provide customized connectors, cables and components for the international and national market. Collect and analyze info of customer’s needs and market survey. Plan for new products and managing the production line.


Internship Portfolio

Present in over 107 countries and territories and with over 45,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization. In Mexico, we are focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development. AIESEC in Mexico offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.

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