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TETRIS Krabbesholm Højskole. Skive, Denmark


JUANSTIGE FSC Design Award. Copenhagen, Denmark


BRANCHES Krabbesholm Højskole. Skive, Denmark


HOWARD HOUSE Krabbesholm Højskole. Skive, Denmark


0kr HUS Krabbesholm Højskole. Skive, Denmark


CEBRATÓN UNESCO PUEBLA Comisión de Innovación y diseño. Puebla, Mx


UNBOX - VOLUME ZERO Volume Zero. Online International Contest


ECOLAB LAR3091. Universidad de las Américas. Puebla, Mx


COLLECTIVE LAR4081. Universidad de las Américas. Puebla, Mx


19S ECATZINGO Dellekamp + Schleich. Mexico City, Mexico


PACHARÁ Laud. Mexico City, Mexico

“By technical definitions it is often argued that architecture is just what is built, but I believe architecture is the whole process of reflexion that occurs before and after something is built, where the user and the context are the most important ones to take in consideration . I see architecture as a mindset, a process and a design tool for solving complex problems through simple strategies in order to find the solution to present and future situations, as well as a poetic tool to express feelings and thoughts. It is not about the object but about the effects and dynamics it causes in its environment� -AM

ALEJANDRO MATA ZENTENO Architecture Puebla, México 27-01-1996

EDUCATION Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Puebla, Mx Bachelor of Architecture 08.2014 - 05.2019 Krabbesholm Højskole. Skive, Denmark Exchange Program 2016 - 2017 ABOUT ME I am Alejandro, passionate about architecture and music. Organized and dynamic with the ability to adapt to different environments. Easy to communicate and work with others. My hunger to learn characterizes me.

CONTACT +52 (222) 661-3751 ale.mataz Morillotla #3002 int 9pte. San Andrés Cholula Puebla, Puebla, Mx. 72810 DESIGN SKILLS Adobe Suite

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Architectural Drafting. Puebla, Mx. Modeling, CNC, 3d print fabrication Bulnes Arquitectos. Puebla, Mx Learner 2015 Bloque Arquitectura. CDMX, Mx. Intern Architect 2016 - 2017 GCD S.A de C.V. Puebla, Mx. Technical drawings 2017 - 2018 Dellekamp + Schleich. CDMX, Mx. Intern Architect 2018 - 2017 AWARDS & COMPETITIONS Academic scholarship Puebla, Mx. Universidad de las Américas 2014-2019 Academic scholarship Skive, Dk. Krabbesholm Højskole 2016-2017 FSC Design Award. Copenhagen, Dk. Finalist. 2016 Unbox Volume Zero. International Contestant. 2017 Felix Candela. CDMX, Mx. Contestant. 2019

Revit AutoCAD Sketchup / V.ray 3dsxMax / V.ray Manual: Sketching, Proficient in physical model making, Photography. Digital Fabrication: CNC, 3d Print, Laser cut.

WORKSHOPS Cinturón verde. Memoria del paisaje rural Technische Universität München 2018 Workshop Texas U Texas University & UDLAP 2019 Workshop Rendering. Revit, 3dsMAX, V.ray Arquitectos Fonseca. 2018

Organized Passionate Creative


Innovative Optimistic Leader

Proactive Independent Responsable

LANGUAGES Spanish Native, English Proficient, Danish Basic

Cebratón UNESCO. Puebla city of design Redesign of pedestrian crossings in de Historic Center of Puebla 2017 Guitar player and singer in Pachará Available in all digital platforms

01 TETRIS Program: Sculpture Project Team: Alejandro Mata Instructor: Mikka Friis Location: Skive, Denmark Status: School project Year: 2019 A study of spaces through objects of scale 1.1 Exploring the use of a sculpture through the perception of floor, ceiling, and wall. Where Tetris uses the floor as a base point, balancing by itself with a projection on the floor, but at the same time questions you where the elements come from. giving you a feeling that it is a real life Tetris with pieces falling down from the ceiling The projects were created in collaboration with guest teacher Kasper Kjelgaard. The sculptures were exhibited in GULV, LOFT, VÆG, taking place place in Aarhus, Denmark.

02 JUANSTIGE Program: Furniture Design Project Team: Alejandro Mata & Otto Lotz Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Status: Built Year: 2015 Juanstige is a hybrid furniture piece built for the danish award FSC Design Award in Copenhagen. The ladder is reformulated into storage furniture by small changes and design trineos. The ladder's function is expanded with drawers, hooks and a system for aerating clothes. The furniture contrasts with Cecilie Manz 'Rise Hochacht by its material sufficient and its focused on the shelf system’s advance for a ladder’s functionality. The ladder leans up against the wall at a certain angle, so both foot and top rest flat against the floor and wall. The furniture is meant for a small and busy room, but could also easily be placed in a family room.

03 BRANCHES Program: Sculpture Project Team: Alejandro Mata Instructor: Mikka Friis Location: Skive, Denmark Status: School project Year: 2019 A study of spaces through objects of scale 1.1 Exploring shapes by undefined materials brought from the forest. A concept of communication and how messages differ depending on the angle they are taken. specially with a material as rough and weak as branches are. representing the dialog between 2 different heads in this scenario, 3 heads. having the top of the sculpture speaking to the bottom one, and the perception of the spectator. Conceptual model made out of metal wire and final sculpture made from forest branches and nature.

04 HOWARD HOUSE Program: Architect: Bryan Mckay Lions Instructor: Mikka Friis Location: Skive, Denmark Status: School crafting project Year: 2015 An asignen of representation by building handmade models and exploring the use of digital tools for plan drawing representations.

05 0 kr HUS Program: Recycled house Project Team: Alejandro Mata & Otto Lotz Instructor: Mikka Friis Location: Skive, Denmark Status: Built Year: 2015 Project scale 1.1 A way of learning architecture in extreme environments. The 0 kr Hus is an ephemeral architecture project that was built with only recycled materials in less than 24hr. After the project was built, we stayed inside and slept there for few days in order test it’s comfort. Do to Denmark’s cold weather we had to isolate the project, and assure that it was a comfortable living space.

06 CEBRATÓN Program: Street Painting Location: Puebla, Mx. Status: Built Year: 2017 Redesign pedestrian crossings zebras to promote transit culture in Puebla The Pergola Park, 6 North and 14 East in the Historic Center of Puebla, was the site where this project took place, celebrating that Puebla is a Design City by UNESCO, but in particular it is intended to make awareness to people about pedestrians in order to have a better road and transit culture.

07 ANOTHER BURNT FOREST Program: Playground Project Team: Alejandro Mata & Armando Reyes Location: Any burnt forest due to climate change Year: 2017 Contest by Volume Zero. UnBox, a competition that looks at exploring disruptive design ideas using shipping containers that will transform the future of public spaces. Open fires are becoming a popular thing due to climate change, this project helps to create awareness towards this problem. Time is what we need for changes. This is a representation of a giant clock, that works as a playground If children use cardboard boxes as traveling machines, what could could they do with a giant box and a transformable environment?

08 ECOLAB Program: Hydroponic Crops Project Team: Alejandro Mata Instructor: Armando Reyes Location: Kampala, Uganda Year: 2015 Kampala faces complex problems towards pollution, hunger and women rights. Women are not allowed to own a piece of land and their incomes are a lot lower than men. A way to start fighting this problem is by designing a collective agricultural center with hydroponic crops in order to empower women where they can make an income by growing their own vegetables through modern methods of agriculture and land cultivation.

09 19S ECATZINGO Program: Rural Housing Achitects: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp & Jachen Schleich Project Leader: Francisco Franco Project Team: Samuele Xompero, Santiago Sitten, Fernando Torres, Alejandro Mata, Shea Gouthro Location: Ecatzingo, Estado de México, México Status: Built On September 19, 2017, Mexico experienced one of the strongest earthquakes in its history. With 7.1 degrees on the Richter scale, it left more than 369 victims and 150,000 homes destroyed in five states of the country. Ecatzingo, located southwest of the Popocatépetl volcano, in the State of Mexico, continues to be one of the municipalities with the most damage due to the earthquake, with 1,587 homes affected. of which 601 habitable inhabitants, leaving entire families homeless. Dellekamp Arquitectos in collaboration with Telar Social México and Reforestamos México assume the commitment to generate conditions that improve the quality of life of the families of the community of Ecatzingo, promoting the reuse of materials for reconstruction, recognizing the context and specific needs of each family and promotion of a dialogue based on collaboration throughout the design process.

10 COLLECTIVE Program: Collective working space Project Leader: Alejandro Mata Instructor: Eduardo Gutierrez Location: Puebla, Mx Year: 2019 In the past years, Puebla has endured a fierce urban transformation due to the different real estate developments, which have set the pattern of a disorderly, exclusionary growth that often leads to social isolation disguised as privacy. Because "Collective" is a project located in one of these fractionated zones, the challenge is to generate an emergent operation code that responds to the specific time and place. Collective was developed thinking about the needs of the users of the immediate context with the intention of generating new opportunities for coexistence, learning, creation and work through its architectural program: An experimental auditorium within a free plant, a library with classrooms for study and exhibitions, and a CoWorking space.

+ PACHARÁ Program: Music Project Team: Alejandro Mata & Mariano de Echavarri Year: 2018 Music is my second passion, I am a guitar player and singer at Pachará. Beyond music, Pachará is the friendship of Mariano and Alejandro singing their adventures with a Tropical sound. Available in all digital platforms Good vibes, good thinking. Label: LAUD Contact:







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