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February 12, 2014


All about xbox one

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Exclusives for Xbox


Starting on March 1st, we will be having one of the 2 best consoles that YOU prefer. We will all vote on February 28th in Advisory class. The console that has most votes will win and will be the console of the school and we will have one period to play and compete with your classmates. We will also donate 5 different games for each class. Some people prefer xbox one. Others prefer play station 4. This will be a tough vote auction.


Don Mattrick

1. What was your purpose when you made the next-gen Xbox? When I created it, I was thinking of beating the Ps4 in technology and make an outstanding console. 2. What did you change in the controller from the previous generation? We made the new controller a lot lighter and we also took out the heavy battery slot so now it fits perfectly in your hands. 3. Why did you make the Xbox so big and looks like a cable box? We made it like that so we can put the best technology inside the console and we also added TV to the Xbox. 4. How do you think it will compete with the ps4? I think it will compete just fine because it has much more features than the ps4 and it is more advanced. 5. What is your favorite feature about the new Xbox? My favorite feature is the Kinect and I also loved that you can actually talk to the Xbox I think that is awesome. 6. What did you change from the previous Kinect to the new one? We made a whole new advanced Kinect with a much better camera that has many outstanding features better then the PS4 move. 7. What is the home screen this year? We used the new Microsoft windows 8. 8. What did you change from the Xbox 360? We changed every single feature. We made 10 times more powerful. We also changed the Kinect and EVERYTHING.

Titanfall Titan fall is a great exclusive game for Xbox one coming on march 11. Titanfall was created from the same creators of Call of Duty.

US 30.00 CAN 25.00

Xbox one  
Xbox one