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the Maori territory new Zealand is a country of Oceania, located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean and formed by two large islands: the North Island (Te Ika Ä Maui) the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) along with many other smaller islands given that New Zealand is a remote place it always had a large amount of fauna and flora until the arrival of man, its capital is Wellington and the most spoken language is English although Maori is also spoken its population is approximately 4 511 590, mainly of European descent and in smaller proportion native Maori it is known that given its climate the best time to enjoy the new zealand is in the months of april to November as the climate is warmer, although from December to February its festivals are celebrated even if it rains a lot

culture The culture of New Zealand in its beginnings belonged in its majority to the Maories, that with the step of the time was lost until arriving at a mix of beliefs and religions The Maoris are an ethnic group of a new Zealand that has a culture of the most remarkable until today, for the "moko" that are tattoos on the faces that represented the trivus and for their typical dance "haka" which is a dance of war which represented pride, strength and unity

landscapes New Zealand is one of the countries with the best fauna and flora in the world, therefore there is a great variety of spectacular places to caules go as:.

-the waitomo caves are one of the most popular places in new zealand since it has one of the most particular animals in the world which is the luminous worm that fills the cave with light - The Tongariro National Park is also well known in New Zealand and the world, since it is the oldest in the country and one day was a World Heritage Site, for its views and culture. -Orana Wildlife Park is a highly acclaimed zoo in New Zealand because it leaves animals "at liberty" while people are in cages.

Food In New Zealand there are different types of food and how to make them but the most popular are:

Hangi maorĂ­ It is based on Making meat or seafood with vegetables on a barbecue made on the ground: with very hot rocks that is cooked with steam Roasted Hogget Made with roasted lamb meat accompanied by potatoes and vegetables. Lamb meat is very famous in the country since it is one of its main food exports

Fish and chips is very typical in the country is fried fish with French fries They are usually served rolled in paper and use fresh fish such as snapper, terakihi or hoki.

Economy The economy of New Zealand is one of the best currently with a partially high GDP, this is based mainly on an agricultural economy focused on agriculture and that works a lot with its tourist places also imports and exports different products for its development

Population People born in New Zealand are known as New Zealanders or natives as Maori, they are known to be very happy and hardworking people who are very proud of their land and its history.

The maori territory