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Alejandro Cordoba Montoya Grade 10 - 02

Instituciรณn Educativa Colombia Girardota - Antioquia 2017

Memories of my life

My full name is Alejandro Cordoba Montoya, I was born on March 30 of 2002. I was born in San Rafael hospital which is located in Girardota. I am the only child that my parents have. Their names are Julian Cordoba and Adriana Montoya. Now, I am going to tell you some memories of my life.

When I was 4 years old my parents went to a party and I had to stay with my grandma. When I think in that day I can remember everything as if it were yesterday. It was a wonderful day because I had been playing with my friends during whole day. One of them asked me that if I could ride me in his back. Then, I fell. I had never felt such a strong pain. I hit myself head. I had been arriving a bump on my head during several days. 5 hours later, my parents arrived. They felt afraid because the knock was big. And we had plans to travel. My family had been planning a trip to Santa Marta. They didn't know if the trip had to be cancelled because it was a really strong knock. But finally we traveled to Santa Marta. It was on January of 2005. I remember that in the trip I was dizzy and for that I felt a long journey. When we arrived there we registered in the hotel. After three days, I was in a pool with my mom but in a moment she left me alone and I was lost. It was a critical moment because I felt fear. I had been lost during 20 minutes. Then, my mother met me. Nevertheless, it had been one of my favorite trips because it was the first time when I knew the sea. Santa Marta

is one of the most famous tourist place of Colombia. I recommend you to visit that place. It is amazing.

When I was about to turn 5 years old, I went to the school for first time. I always wanted to study in Educational Institution Colombia School but I had to go to Emiliano School. I didn't like to be there so I asked to my mom if she could do something. And yes, she could. She had been doing the process to pass to the Colombia School during 15 days. Finally, we did it. So I started to study there I remember the name of my teacher her name was Nancy Rodrigues, She was a dedicated teacher, cute and loving. She had been educating to me during one year. She taught me to share and know the alphabet.

When I was 6 years old I was in swimming classes. I had been learning to swim during one year but I never

finished because when I was in the four

level my teacher started to teach me swimming backstroke I never did it. Because I thought I was going to drown. So, I never came back. And I never got that goal.

When I started my first elementary grade it was so difficult the change from preschool to first grade because I knew that I had more responsibilities and I was going left the game for true study. My mom decided to hire another teacher who was going to help me. So, I had another teacher because I didn´t know to read. She had been teaching to me during 3

years. Basically, she taught to read and write and I got to pass that difficulty. Thanks to her, currently I like to read and write.

When I was seven years old I started to practice soccer. I enjoyed the first months of the training. I had been practicing during a long time but I decided to let the team because the coach had preferences for other guys. Then, I went to another soccer team but in this team I felt better. Also, I won my first medal. Being there I saw the obvious change in comparison with the first team. We were more together and there was more Integration. We went to a farm in a sunny day. I remember that we were in a pool and one of my buddies was drowning so I had to do something for him and I saved his life.

When I was 8 years old I celebrated my first communion, I had an unforgettable party because it was my first time in a disco for children. There were my best friends and I had a good time. One of my gifts of first communion was of my grandma which was a trip to Bogota When I went to Bogota. It was the first time when I traveled on plane. When I arrived to my grandma's house I shared with her and my cousin and I knew many beautiful places. When I had to come back I felt bad because I didn't want to be separated from my cousin. I cried too much because we had been living many great moments together. And I knew that I couldn't see him again during a long time because we are in different cities.

I went to fish for first time was when I was 9 years old. I went with my dad and a cousin. That day I caught a little fish but I felt that I had been a great achievement. It also was when I learned to ride a motorcycle. When you learn something significantly new you feel that you are taking advantage of the life. Basically, I had been practicing during 2 days and finally I got it. I mean, when I learned to ride motorcycle was a great achievement that pushed me to learn more and more.

When I was ten years old my dad invited me to ride a horse. It was my first time. So I couldn't do well. My father decided to teach me because in that consist his job and he is exacting. I had been trying to learn until my father despaired too much and he was such angry that I couldn't continue with him. We decided to keep trying another day because we were obfuscated. One week later I came back to try and I got my goal.

My first platonic love was when I was 11 years old. She was a girl who studied in my high school but she was in another grade. I remember she ignored me all the time. I always did loving demonstrations. I had been wanting her to fall in love with me but it never happened. Since that moment I thought that girls were too much difficult to fall in love them. Few months after, I met another girl who was more beautiful. I tried with her and it worked. I had been chatting with her during a month and a half. Finally, I got to be her boyfriend. I stopped to think that all the girls were complicated

When I was 12 years old, a guy offered me drugs. I was playing soccer with my squad and one of them asked me if I wanted to take one. Without thinking I said not. And from that moment I learned to choose better friends. I had been confusing during several weeks because I trusted him

When I was 13 years old. I was in a soccer team named Girardota Futbol Club. But my coach used to not give me the chance to play. I had been just training during few months until I told to mom. So, she had to talk with him because she disagreed and they found a solution. He was going to pass me to another category because where I was there were many guys.

On August of 2016 my dad gave me a motorcycle. I went out for a ride on the motorcycle and then some policemen tried to say me something but I decided to scape







The police had been chasing me



minutes but I fell and they catch me. I felt fear because they pointed me with their guns. Then, my mom came out to help me. She talked with the policemen. And they reached an agreement. I could not leave with the motorcycle until I would had the driving pass. Finally, my mom decided to sell the motorcycle because it would bring problems. And she promised to give me one when I will be 16 years old and when I will have the driving pass.

My history  

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My history  

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