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Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift Part One: A Voyage To Lilliput: Chapter

Alejandro Arbeláez Benítez

The next day a mysterious voice calls me to travel to the Playa Avenue, because knowledge in maritime navigation and mathematical physics. The old man tells me that he found an ancient map of a great treasure and he invites me to his house to negotiate.

I arrived at his mansion in the company of my dear wife. In this moment his main kitchen prepares a bandeja paisa and mazamorra pilada, at the same time he tells me about all his adventures and tell me he wants me to be the doctor on this magnificent travel.

After that day we were prisoners of a fishing boat in Medellín River, we work long hours, my wife is very sick and the whole crew died for the monster, the days continued identical… I write letters every day and put them in glass bottles, I hope you to help me, please, please, please…

Gulliver's travels alejandro arbelaez  
Gulliver's travels alejandro arbelaez