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The design positions the observer between reality and its double, using architecture to demonstrate the various ways to view and experience art.

prototype one

concept sketch

Not just a container for art, this serves as a device that will further the ideas of the art pieces and redefine the concept of a gallery.

Ellie's Deep Ellum Project

Restaurant - Bar - Culinary School

Revitalizing an urban area with good design Respecting the vernacular Reinterpreting the past

The central courtyard gives both order and depth to the building's circulation.

Vespa commercial trade exhibit

ust j t ’ on ut d b ‌ s y c tud stheti s t den ast ae tyle. e c pre sign p a lifes rede terpret rein

Designing a lifestyle Designing a vernacular Designing a selling point

Translating a product’s image into an innovative architectural space.

Concept Drawings

Training Center & Day Care

Convert an abandoned “Dallas Power & Light� building into a training center for single mothers with a daycare for their children.

PIVOT Dressing room light fixture

rotate remove replace

Create an adaptable light fixture while applying both an inventive and effective design.

Boomerang Table Furniture design fuses aesthetic sensibility with technical skill, which requires a true understanding of the materiality of an object.


Alejandro Cardenas  
Alejandro Cardenas  

This is a quick glance of some of my university level work.