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We are a team of highly sophisticated, experienced and savvy global communication experts specializing in the sectors of technology and finance in the Latin America and U.S. regions. As entrepreneurs, we understand the needs of a business looking to make a splash in a crowded marketplace. This is what sets CVOX apart. We are a new breed of communicators blending journalism, public relations and marketing tactics to develop integrated, bottom-line driven strategies that are authentic, engaging and informative. We combine thought leadership, media positioning and event marketing to create strong brands that connect with your target audience, builds credibility and increases business opportunities. Our toolbox includes media, social media, websites, thought leading content in addition to traditional public relations and marketing services. Our team brings together a unique and diverse blend of world class corporate, political, government, legal and entrepreneurial experiences that come together to develop some of the most creative, sophisticated and bottom line driven strategies

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Itaú Private Bank

As “Latin America’s Global Bank,” Itaú Private Bank International has emerged as a regional leader in global wealth management with $80 billion assets under management. As an institution with a growing, but currently limited profile, Itaú Private Bank International outsources a significant portion of its communications effort to CVOX in order to maximize its marketing budget by leveraging our platform. From media outreach for executive announcements to the development of copy for its website and new client Welcome Kit, to internal process manuals to full-service corporate video production, CVOX provides Itaú Private Bank International with seamless and integrated support that allows the bank to manage its communication and marketing needs with the speed and efficiency of a large in-house communications operations.



A World Bank backed Latin American start-up, YellowPepper has emerged as a market leader in the mobile financial services sector. CVOX has been instrumental in building the Company’s profile through media outreach efforts in the US and across the region, landing coverage in more than 30 media outlets, including Financial Times, Fast Company, CNN Espaùol, MIT Technology Review and America Economia among others. CVOX also spearheaded a social media campaign to promote YellowPepper for the Inter-American Development Bank’s beyondbanking Awards, helping the Company win the ConnectBanking prize for the utilization of new information and communication technologies. We also helped YellowPepper develop a new marketing and branding platform that helps them reach international stakeholders - such as financial institutions, multilateral organizations, governmental organizations, merchants and telecommunications companies - and support their business development.


Latmark Latmark Asset Management is a Miami-based boutique investment management firm focusing on the Latin America institutional and high net worth market. Its founder and Portfolio Manager, Santiago Maggi, provides highly specialized active investment strategies that focus on the fundamentals to help navigate volatile economic and political environments. As a new firm in a crowded field, Latmark sought to strengthen its positioning through media coverage in the US and throughout key markets in Latin America. CVOX was able to position Santiago as a “go-to” thought leader on investment strategies and economic forecasting. Through our efforts, we positioned Santiago in Estrategia y Negocios, Dinero, Pulso Social, Capital Financiero, Ambito Financiero, CNN Español and NTN24 among others, providing him and the firm coverage in all markets in Latin America as well as in the US. Additionally, CVOX set and promoted a launch party at Books & Books in Coral Gables, Florida for Santiago’s book - “Investment Strategies for Uncertain Markets.” The event, which was covered by EFE and The Miami Herald, has been instrumental in elevating both Santiago and Latmark’s profile throughout the Americas, helping the firm post strong growth in its first year of operation.


Bulltick Capital Markets !

Bulltick Capital Markets is a full-service financial services firm specializing in Latin America, providing investment banking, sales & trading and research services in the region and around the world.


Bulltick possesses top of the line researchers that produce daily reports following the pulse of the local markets and provide a powerful and dynamic source of market intelligence and insights. CVOX provided Bulltick’s Research Department with media outreach support, helping the firm publish its market analysis in various global, regional and local outlets, including CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, Reuters, CNN Español as well as many local publications.


!   CVOX additionally supported the firm’s roadshows in Mexico,

Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, providing logistical and media outreach support for client events. CVOX also assisted in managing various marketing initiatives, including preparing the content for the firms new website as well as the revamping of its entire client marketing platform.


Interbolsa Interbolsa, a Colombia-based international broker-dealer, sought to organize an investor “Road Show” in Miami to promote its successful capital market placement for a top client. The firm sought to reach out to Miami’s financial services community to build awareness for the clients’ recently completed investment tranche while offering attendees the opportunity to market consequent fund raising rounds through their investment platforms. The catch was that the client wanted to execute this effort in less than one week! CVOX quickly mobilized to identify a suitable venue and prepared all of the marketing materials, including invitations, banners and printing of all material related to the deal for distribution at the event. Critical to the success of the event, CVOX also prepared a guest list from its network of contacts, which included investment bankers, private equity investors, wealth managers, asset managers and broker-dealers in the South Florida market. With CVOX fully coordinating the event from its inception to completion, the Roadshow was a great success for Interbolsa, attracting over 50 qualified investors and helping the firm make a big splash in an important market.


Private Equity World

When world-renowned financial conference leader Terrapinn needed support to reach potential attendees for its 2012 Private Equity World Conference to be held in Miami, it looked to CVOX for support. CVOX provided the Conference with marketing support by sending invitations to our proprietary contact network that helped boost the number of attendees to the threeday conference. CVOX also prepared a video of the event that was utilized by Terrapinn for promotional purposes. Additionally, CVOX provided media outreach support which helped secure media coverage for the conference in Central America’s premier business publication, Estrategia y Negocios.


Sinolatin Capital Since its launch four years ago, Shanghai-based SinoLatin Capital has emerged as the premier investment platform between China and Latin America. The investment banking advisory and private equity firm boasts a leadership position in bridging Chinese capital with Latin American natural resource investments, creating value for its clients while encouraging sustainable economic development in both regions. At the time of its launch however, there was very little media awareness of the China-Latin America nexus. SinoLatin Capital deployed an educational strategy through the preparation of informational white papers that focused on various aspects of the investment relationship as well as on the opportunities involving different natural resource sectors. Through this effort, CVOX has successfully placed over 200 news stories in publications ranging from the Financial Times, Dow Jones, The Banker, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Globe & Mail, Washington Times, Latin Business Chronicle, Portafolio, Diario Financiero amongst many others. The firm has since enjoyed great success, recently securing Inter-American Development Bank anchor funding for its first private equity fund. Additionally, there is significantly more awareness and understanding of the China – Latin America investment nexus thanks to SinoLatin Capital and CVOX’s collective efforts.


Tradewire Group

Tradewire is a Brazilian boutique brokerage firm providing a global high net worth and institutional clientele with a state-of-the-art trading platform as well as investment advisory services offering expert insight into Latin American markets. In an effort to keep up with its growth, the Firm sought to modernize its brand and marketing profile to meet a changing investment environment. To meet these needs, CVOX developed a complete new branding and marketing platform that included all of the Firm’s client presentation materials as well as a complete overhaul of its website, including content and imagery that demonstrates its commitment to being sleek and efficient Company of seasoned global professionals. In addition to the marketing support, CVOX also helped Tradewire increase its media exposure by positioning its investment professionals in targeted media outlets, including Bloomberg and CNN Espaùol.


Mastercard As card payment technology becomes more prevalent in countries throughout Latin America, MasterCard seeks to engage governments in developing regulatory frameworks that enhance market competitiveness and reach. CVOX was instrumental in helping MasterCard develop its outreach strategy to the Central Bank of Mexico and Brazil. We prepared the presentation that was used by MasterCard in advocating its position in each market respectively, helping present highly technical and complex payment system issues in a highly accessible manner that would maintain its credibility while simplifying issues for non-financial political audiences. We also supported the MasterCard Worldwide Communications team in developing communication frameworks that helped reposition the Company as a technology provider, helping it benefit from the positive public opinion associated with the sector.

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